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Kayla Simmons

But despite fitting the bill in terms of appearances, the actress Hermione Corfield to be actively shaking that stereotype. Hermione grew up in Gloucestershire, the heart of the British countryside, interspersed with trips to London, where her mother, the shirtmaker Emma Willis, and father work. What are you working on at the moment?

The film is a sci-fi thriller called Sea Fever. How have you carved out a name for yourself so far?

Paige Davis

I think you have to make smart choices. Who do you look up to in the industry? I look up to people who are able Hermione Corfield act and direct and produce as well, which is a long-term goal of mine.

Parker Posey

Your public image is also your private image now. Are you aware of being typecast? I found it quite surprising when I kept getting action films. I enjoy drama.

Profile โ€“ Hermione Corfield

Because you feel like you can get your teeth into something. What do you like doing outside of acting?

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I also do yoga, boxing โ€” I like to keep quite physical. I like gardening, drawing, painting. Are you interested in style outside of red carpet dressing?

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Simple, Hermione Corfield style. I think simple style for men is the best look โ€” a really nice pair of trousers and a T-shirt is perfect. Has menswear had an influence on your personal style? My mum would also help tailor shirts for me.

Sea Fever: Hermione Corfield Discusses Eerily Prescient Horror Film

What are you reading? Or putting your faith in a Hermione Corfield who you think is brilliant. Will you stay living in London or is a move to America on the cards? Why are you drawn to New York?


What do you prefer, country or city living? City now. I get angry at myself because I go back Hermione Corfield Gloucestershire and I get restless, whereas before I could just go and be Hermione Corfield for weeks on end and just go for walks. I prefer city life, but I definitely feel a need to go back to the country regularly. Do you think growing up in the country informed the person you are now? I think so. I think in terms of imagination that really helps, because I learned to read and entertain myself.