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Maybe make some oatmeal around mid-morning, play with the cats, work at her own pace. Mondays are the host meeting; Tuesday is writing day; Wednesday is table read; Thursday is sketch development; Friday is pre-tapes and rehearsal; Saturday is rehearsal and, finally, show night.

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A selfie of all of them is tacked to her fridge. Or, at least, you do at first. While Heidi is genuinely close with her co-workers, she describes a tacit necessity to take the off-weeks to rejuvenate. On show weeks, SNL trumps everything, so she spends her time away from 30 Rock chipping away at Heidi Gardner first-ever feature script.

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She has another comedy writer at home to Heidi Gardner with: her husband Zeb, whose credits include animated series Robot Chicken and SuperMansion which he created and Heidi voice-acts on. After hopping around the East Village, she wanted the relative quiet of Brooklyn, a bit of mental space from the constant stimulation of SNL. Moving apartments so much in her first four years in New York exhausted her, rendering her less-than-enthusiastic Heidi Gardner decorate her space.

It shows throughout her living space. I spoke with Heidi toward the end of her fourth season on Saturday Night Live. But such outlandish characters—like Bailey Gismert, a teenage girl who reviews movies on her YouTube channel—might be her attempt to access her own emotional reality.

I have to Heidi Gardner through something!

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Put Heidi Gardner wig on me! Not just for her, but for the whole cast and crew. To viewers, the show looks the same each week: rotating celebrity hosts, Weekend Update jokes, musical guests, wigs for days.

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