Heavy Rain Escort Texas

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heavy rainfall

By Eric Licas elicas scng. A powerful storm brewing to the northwest is expected to arrive in Southern California Monday evening, Dec. Temperatures are expected to Heavy Rain into the mid to high 50s that afternoon. Stormy weather likely will reach Santa Barbara by 7 p.

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Forecasters say the system will drive gusts of up to 60 mph and dump rain and snow on the region as it rapidly moves south and east. People living in valleys or along the coast should expect between one to three inches of rain during the course of the storm. Foothill Heavy Rain could receive between three to six inches of rain. That will result in wet roads and the possibility of flooding along low-lying streets, highways and mountain roads, NWS Heavy Rain Phil Gonsalves Gonsalves said.

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Mudslides and falling boulders will likely result in road closures along mountain roads in the Heavy Rain Bernardino Heavy Rain as well, Gonsalves said. We’re still on-track for a powerful storm late Monday and Tuesday. Winds are looking stronger, so we’ve increased those as well as snow totals in the mountains.

Meteorologists predict 12 to 36 inches of fresh powder will come down at elevations above 7, feet beginning Monday afternoon.

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Lighter snowfall at heights as low as 4, Heavy Rain may be possible by Tuesday afternoon. A high wind watch will be in effect across Los Angeles County Monday evening and overnight into Tuesday.

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People in wind-prone areas should look out for falling tree limbs and other blown debris. The storm should peak on Tuesday before leaving Southern California that evening.

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Sunny skies return on Wednesday, but Heavy Rain may remain cool through the rest of the week. Despite the potential hazards they pose, winter storms bring much-needed precipitation to water-starved Southern California, Gonsalves said. The state has been suffering through a multi-year drought that is unlikely to be solved by any single bout of rain.

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