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Whatever has a start has an end, even the good things end. Some speculated that her contract was over. She was up to something better. She will be cruising every small town in America with her 65 Mustang. In her Facebook Heather Storm, she appreciated the time she had in the Garage Squad, the love, and much support she has received over the years.

She Heather Storm to be on her own, doing her own thing for her love of cars and adventure. Drive Yourself Local is the name of her show that premiered in August on Youtube. They talk about cars, food, and travel.

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Her new replacement in the show Heather Storm Cristy Lee. Heather is a Co-founder of Black Lab venturesa boutique, and an eco-event company. It also deals with fine wine collection. This business also runs along with a consultancy firm that does a wide range of businesses.

Fitness Trainer.

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Heather is a certified fitness trainer. She appeared on the show, 30 Days. The show is about weight loss, fitness, and yoga. She Heather Storm worked at Spectrum Athletic Club for two years as a stretch technician and fitness trainer. Now you know the reason she has maintained her youthful look and fit body shape.

Heather Storm is Heather Storm a fitness trainer. She is an Environmentalist. From her childhood, she loved nature. She had a camera that she would go out with, taking pictures of beautiful scenes.

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She has participated in many conservation programs across many countries. For example, she worked as an advocate for sustainable tourism in Puerto Rico and marine conservation and designed Heather Storm eco-conscious toolkit for Caribbean hotel industries. Heather loves nature, and she had to travel far and wide to get the real experience.

Working in a new project After Leaving Garage Squad. Drive Yourself Local is a Heather Storm of all her careers.

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Driving in Ford Mustang for her love of cars, visiting every little town, and exploring Heather Storm on the way as an adventurous lady. She visits hotels and wine stores for her business, etc.

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This was a great idea that also provides an excellent opportunity to do great things. Other facts Heather was trained by her dad, who Heather Storm a DIY maverick to do many things with her hands, that Heather Storm working on engines and also shooting a gun. She once worked as a spokeslady for a motor insurance company and on-camera sports reporter. Heather, he has also featured in many commercials. In this show, she created a special cocktail and an electronic dancing style.

Heather Storm is 35 years old as of writing this article. Her zodiac star is Gemini. Heather Storm Wiki.

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When Storm was twelve years old, the family move from the big city to a small town in Montana. Details of having other siblings are not available.

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Their family loved camping, and this installed her love for nature. Heather is Not Married to a Husband Yet. Without a shred of a doubt, no. She is not married and has no children. Heather has kept her relationship life so private, and as long as we are a concern, she has never been spotted with any partner, either man or woman.

With all that talent and a successful career, we hope she meets her perfect match soon. And when she does, be sure to find it here, we will gladly break the news. Heather Storm Net worth. This is an accumulation of a long stretch career that Heather Storm yet been over a short period. She also owns a Mustang whose market value is unknown. She also runs a business. Her salary is, Heather Storm, unknown. Heather has a YouTube channel where she runs her show and runs another appearance on a podcast with two of her fellow.