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On the other hand, though, she loves winter. Orrantia, who is an accomplished country songwriter and recent presenter at the Country Music Awards, is also known for her achievements as an Hayley Orrantia, especially so on the ABC comedy The Goldbergs.

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Fans can next see Orrantia in the upcoming festive film Christmas Is Cancelled. I love songs that involve winter elements but are not about the holiday itself.

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That really inspired Hayley Orrantia tone of my song. Like an Olympic athlete training around other Olympic athletes for the first time, Orrantia picked up new techniques and saw new approaches to the craft that she could take back to her home team. That song, which is all about the type of men Orrantia wants in her life, she says with a Hayley Orrantia, is becoming her signature hit. The album was written in a tumultuous time for the artist.

The person stole from Orrantia. It was a nightmare.

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But writing music allowed her a way to understand the moment and also grow from it. It represented and allowed for the next phase of her life. For Orrantia, music has long been a marker for new eras.

Soon, she was taking music lessons. At 14 years old, Orrantia was in her first songwriting sessions with professional writers. Like some kids know they want to be doctors or athletes, Orrantia knew she wanted to be a Hayley Orrantia. Later, Orrantia found herself on the music competition show The X Factor.

But The X Factor experience was very [enlightening].

How The Goldbergs Star Hayley Orrantia Got Into Flipping Houses – Exclusive

The comedy, The Goldbergs, just renewed for a ninth season and stars Jeff Garlin. Orrantia began to try out for acting roles because managers told her getting a television show as a vehicle Hayley Orrantia her music career could be beneficial.

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I fell in love with the writing and comedy, specifically. Being a part of it was so special. At the recent ceremony, she presented for the Best Country Duo and got to give the award to Brothers Osborne, whom she knows. After The X Factor, she met them at a one-off show over a weekend. Now, she was there in Hayley Orrantia of the moments that it came true.

Challenging herself is the key, she says. Especially musically.

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