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It’s a unique space to occupy; never coming across as a stern lecturer, but someone whose every word feels impactful and worth hearing, whether that’s during songs or in between them. Now, his post-hardcore band Fiddlehead is continuing that tradition through lyrics and speeches alike. Usually vocalists who preach personal causes sound cheesy at best, and condescending at worst.

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Cape Cod High school sports: tennis, softball, lacrosse game results.

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They want to deliver a night you’ll never forget, whether it’s via theatrics, bombastic energy, or simply a degree of personal magnetism that makes it impossible to look away; those are the qualities of a great rock and roll frontperson. He’s winning them over from scratch; many crowds are seeing him for the first time, often on tours where he’s the opening act. Watching Dan Campbell command a crowd feels a hell of a lot like going to church. When you consider how much of The Wonder Years’ lyrics concern religious contemplation and outright rejection, this is either incredibly ironic or incredibly fitting. Campbell, of course, has crisp vocals and thrashes around onstage with the familiar match-meets-powder-keg energy that’s a prerequisite for every great pop punk frontperson. In her solo sets, you can tell she’s thrilled to be on stage.


She has no interest in simply standing and playing music; instead, she makes use of every inch of the stage, engaging with the audience and showing off her moves. No matter if you’re a longstanding fan of her work or a new fan , she makes sure those in attendance get a memorable show. Has there ever been a bandleader in indie rock who seemed happier to be there than Alex Luciano? Whereas most of the artists on this list command the stage through a seriously passionate intensity , the singer for Diet Cig radiates her passion through a pure, infectious joy. Her smiling enthusiasm is the kind of happy, unfettered freedom that many musicians can describe; few embody it with such high-kicking abandon.

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It can be hard to pinpoint what makes Jeff Rosenstock’s live performances so memorable, so magnetic. Yes, there’s the high-energy freneticism of a passionate punk rocker who came up through ska and punk bands before setting out on his solo career roughly a decade ago. And yes, there’s the live-wire unpredictability of a guy who seems as likely to launch himself over the amplifiers as he is to stand and play. And sure, he’s nailed down the one-with-the-crowd magnetism of a born showman who’s never stopped believing in the communal power of music. But it’s all those things combined that make him great—there’s no separating his various talents, because they work in tandem. Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan doesn’t need to pull stunts on stage; witty banter isn’t necessary, either.

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Let us see if real life will imitate art, and if the “Lord of Light” protects her when she is tied to a stake, doused in gasoline, and lit ablaze. Former Disney star Bella Thorne is the perfect illustration of the dangers of redheaded women. For her fiery hair reveals her hopelessly depraved nature in which she flaunts her blasphemous feminine flesh every chance that she gets. British actress Hayley Mills and Leigh Lawson with son Jason, raising voice outside London hospital where he was born July 30. She had surgery and started, but quickly abandoned, chemotherapy after only three sessions because of the severity of the side-effects.

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  • The only way to tell if a live video is from the beginning of a Charly Bliss’ set or the end is to look for a single bead of sweat on her face, but these days, she never seems to get tired.
  • In the film, she sings “Let’s Get Together” as a duet with herself.
  • Her performance in Whistle Down the Wind saw Mills nominated for BAFTA Award for Best British Actress.

She began a romantic relationship with Boulting and they eventually married, in 1971. Disney subsequently cast Mills as twins Sharon and Susan who reunite their divorced parents in The Parent Trap . In the film, she sings “Let’s Get Together” as a duet with herself. The film was a hit around the world, reaching number 8 on a US Top Ten list.