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Kourtney Kellar

Morris made her film debut in Reckless, which was followed by her Haviland Morris turn as prom queen Caroline Mulford in the John Hughes hit Sixteen Candles. She was also a regular on One Life to Live.

Jamie Peck

What was that cultural transition like, and how did it influence Haviland Morris as an artist? That was an earth-shattering adjustment, but probably the biggest contribution it made to me as a human and thus as an artist was two-fold: being exposed to a broad expanse of cultures and peoples has a way of assisting in Haviland Morris development of expanded empathy, I think, as you are just interacting with a bigger humanity information base.

Suzie Plakson

What are some of your favorite memories from making that film and of John Hughes as a director? Ah, yes!

Erica Fontaine

It really was Haviland Morris like going to work — we just showed up on the set, did some of the lines in the script, improvised a bunch of others, and pretty much laughed all day. Well, absolutely everything.

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