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Harper Quinn

Though young, Harper and Hayden were exposed to this lifestyle gradually, the Quinns were not a family to be messed with but they cared for one another like a regular family, if not a little fiercer than most. At the age of 11, Harper accompanied her mother on a ‘business trip’ to talk with a group of cars known as the Carlisles, the leader had contacted Naeva and requested a meeting and she believed bringing Harper along would be a chance to learn how to make ‘friends’ in this world. Upon meeting them, though the green car was friendly to her, she didn’t like her at all, the feeling she got from her made her tank twist and she stuck close to her mother.

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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. The gorgeous Hero Harper Quinn is not the only child of Myleene. Hero Harper’s sister Ava Bailey was born on the 16th of August 2007 and is almost four years older than her small sister. One of our company directors, has been in the industry for 30 years and is still passionate about his craft. Responsible for the education in the salon, his strap line is attention to detail. Winner of the prestigious FACE OFF competition in 2022, he delivers great work with a personal touch.

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The pair hit it off rather quickly, she’d seen something in him that she hadn’t seen before, it was refreshing in fact and something she wanted to discover more about. She ended up finding her own place up in Piston Peak, being in a calm environment like this allowed her to find out who she was outside of her gang self. Months had passed without incident, both the families keeping up the truce, both Naeva and Seth were proud that they were able to settle what had happened without them but tensions were still high between the two families. Harper had flourished in those months, her troupe had grown and she was becoming a skilled informant, her photographic memory had been honed during this time and she used it to her full advantage.

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When she realised what she’d done however, she raced back home, breaking down as she found her mother and told her what happened. They knew this was serious but the also knew that the Skylars wouldn’t believe them, that Noah broke the truce and she did what she did in self defense. Harper however wanted to face them, she wasn’t backing down from this. A reputation had been built during these years, rivals had learnt not to mess with her and that she didn’t need her siblings with her to show this, she was a force to be reckoned with. However, though she held up the facade, part of her hated how she was, she often wondered what it would be like to just up and leave and live a life that was ‘normal’, but she didn’t have the heart to leave her family.

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Now into her late teens, Harper was starting to look and act how a Quinn should, she was helping more and more with their line of business and like her twin was given a small troupe to watch over with a territory to keep an eye on, they had enemies after all and keeping them at bay was a constant job. It was during this time that she came face to face with the leader’s son of the Skylars, another chopper by the name of Noah. He attempted to woo Harper, banging on about them having a Romeo and Juliet style relationship, but she refused and this lead to him being violent towards her, well, try to, she’d been taught to fight from a young age and despite being younger and smaller, she was able to fight him off with the help of her troupe. One evening, she was out on patrol when a message from an unknown source said to meet them. Though sceptical, something was telling her it might have something do with Shadow so she agreed to meet them. On top of a skyscraper waited a smart looking car, he wasn’t from around here that was for sure.

  • The birth of her and Hayden was a great strain on her mother, the difficult birth has lead to Harper being a little smaller than other choppers of her model.
  • Harper however was growing a little tired of this life, she knew her parents had little get away places but she wanted to find her own one.
  • She didn’t quite believe it at first, thinking that this car just worked for her family and was lying but during these years she’d become an excellent judge of character..
  • Harper backed off as the Skylars helped their leader and she begrudgingly admitted defeat and that she could have beaten Noah.
  • The twins were privately schooled in France for roughly 10 years, moving to America to be with the rest of their family and continue their education there, they were also taught the finer points of being in the Quinn family.