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YouTuber and sex expert Hannah Witton announces she’s pregnant with first child

She is sat in an armchair with a tidy but colourful bookcase to her right and a bright white wall to her left. Professional yet relaxed, the room is crying out to be turned into a thumbnail. As soon as the call connects, I cannot help but sit up straight, rearrange my hair, and shift the angle of my camera slightly, so as to Hannah Witton as much as possible of my own background: my childhood bedroom strewn with the remnants of a recent Hannah Witton isolation.

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Youtuber, author, podcast presenter Hannah Witton sex educator, Hannah Witton has dedicated her career to campaigning for and providing holistic sex education in the UK. How often do you have sex? What kind of sex are you having? Inafter a bad flare of ulcerative colitis, Hannah had an ileostomy, which means that she now has a stoma, an opening in the abdomen that allows digestive waste to be diverted out of the body.

What else can Hannah Witton do instead? But there are ways to still feel that kind of connection.

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But Hannah is Hannah Witton that there will be a silver lining. But when I ask, she is hesitant to accept the term outright. Taking the porn industry as an example, Hannah tells me that whilst someone who is sex-positive might view porn as a Hannah Witton way to discover sexual preferences and a liberatory avenue of female sexual expression, someone who is sex critical would scrutinise the industry itself, its exploitation of sex workers and its unsafe labour practices.

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At the time of our conversation, Pornhub has just announced its decision to remove all unverified content from its platform in order to combat the scourge of child abuse videos that had been found Hannah Witton the site. We saw Tumblr do it. We saw OnlyFans this year.

I imagine it might be a side effect. We Hannah Witton our goodbyes and hang up the call. I had been given a glimpse of what conversations about sex should look like; never condescending, never exclusionary, always honest.

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Whilst sex education in the UK continues to be embarrassed by its own existence, it is down to people like Hannah to remind us that Hannah Witton is something worth talking about. We are run entirely by and for students. To ensure independence, we receive no funding from the University and are reliant on obtaining other income, such as advertisements.

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