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We sat down recently for an interview and discussed the film, her fondness for horror, and Legend of Zelda fan films, among other things! Would you say horror is an important genre to you?

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Hannah Fierman: Yeah, definitely! I think a lot of groundbreaking artistic phenomena occur within the genre!

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PopHorror: What about the genre speaks to you? They went ahead and did the second anthology, and they asked me to write and direct a segment. I always thought it would be fun to direct, but it was not something I thought about pursuing until people started asking me to do it.

Then I just enjoyed doing that segment so much and discovered my own unusual voice. Any Hannah Fierman films or filmmakers? Hannah Fierman Fierman: I mean, I want to work with all of them.

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All the ones that are cool! Hannah Fierman: Oh, yeah. Not so much Hannah Fierman Peeping Tom, but the past 4 or 5 movies and 2 television shows, it slowed everything down. And that one thing slows everything down. You have to get tested every 3 days.

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You have to go do it on your own time and really schedule yourself and be really diligent about it, because not all productions have it on site. One person tests positive for Covid, and you have to shut Hannah Fierman production for 2 weeks. Hannah Fierman: laughs Hannah Fierman my gosh! It was so much fun making that movie. PopHorror: Yeah? Can you tell us much about that? Hannah Fierman: Yeah.

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I was just a kid when we made that movie. It was just 4 or 5 of us. Correction, her.

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Her name is Harley now. Harley worked on it for 4 years. Her outtakes on it were absolutely hilarious, just like Hannah Fierman minutes of all of us just laughing our asses off. Hannah Fierman was so funny. And that was produced by Ryan James as well. It was a really fun script to read and act out. I also have another movie called On Location that should be coming out soon.

We shot that back in September in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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PopHorror: Like, in an emotional sense? Hannah Fierman: Yeah, definitely in an emotional way.

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I play a psychiatrist who is losing her mind laughs. Must be spooky. That one is being produced by Grand Line Creations, and those are a group of my friends Hannah Fierman like to work with frequently. Doing that helps me lighten up after such heavy material. Thank you so much Hannah Fierman speaking with us, Hannah!