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It’s safe to say that American Idol doesn’t exactly have the best track record for making a massive star out of its contestants or even its winner. There are a couple of very notable exceptions.


Some are even downright unsuccessful. At least in terms of being in the mainstream. Yes, they loved Haley Reinhart ship her with her competitor Casey Abrams due to their obvious chemistry. While she didn’t explode out of the gate, Haley eventually won the judges and America over with her take on Elton John’s "Bennie and Haley Reinhart Jets".

This was followed up with a very consistent string of performances that showed off her incredible vocal range, personality, and unique flavor.

Haley Reinhart

It got her to the top It is America, after all. But while American Idol was her time in the mainstream, Haley has actually had a pretty impressive career after her debut.

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Haley was quick to release previously recorded work and get her first album out there. While Haley found some initial Haley Reinhart by getting to the number 17 spot in the Billboard charts, her album failed to sell.

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Because of this, she was reportedly dropped by Interscope Records. Although, we don’t exactly know the real reason why she parted ways with the established record label at the end of Even with this loss, Haley continued to promote "Listen Up!

She even joined the crowd-funding site IndieGoGo in order to get one of Haley Reinhart music videos financed.

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Fortunately for her, Haley’s fans jumped to her side and helped her finance the music video and it ultimately helped launch her EP in Around the same time, Haley really started grooving with jazz and played alongside the acclaimed New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. The music video for the cover snagged her a Haley Reinhart 49 million views on Youtube and has grown to over million. The covers, all done in collaboration with the Haley Reinhart Postmodern Jukebox, were so beloved that she managed to sell out numerous venues around the world.

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This Haley Reinhart her for a while and got her to collaborate with other artists. But soon she needed another hit Not only was Haley’s take on the classic romantic song used in a gum commercial, but it has since been streamed on Spotify over million times. Due Haley Reinhart the immense success of the Elvis Presley cover, Haley snagged a number of other gigs, including recording Christmas songs for a Hallmark movie and even playing a character on the animated Netflix show, F Is For Family.

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It’s clear that she is not above or below any gig. She’ll take it if it feels right and it allows her to do what she loves So, while Haley may not be as visible as she Haley Reinhart was, there’s no doubt that she’s made an amazing career for herself and shows no signs of slowing down any time Haley Reinhart.