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But until recently, she was convinced it was never, ever going to happen. I had glasses, I had the weird haircut … in my head, there were so many roadblocks in the way.

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Snacking on a pre-breakfast bodega haul of Bugles and Diet Dr. Pepper, Kalil said that her biggest setback as an aspiring model came inwhen she was To her Haley Kalil, she won the Miss Minnesota Haley Kalil USA pageant, which she entered because she wanted to put the prize money toward college.

Haley with husband Matt Kalil, a pro football player. At St. Cloud University, she double majored in biomedical science and psychology, with a minor in chemistry.

Haley Kalil

She was so excited that, immediately, she filmed a cute but no-frills audition video and uploaded it from a hotel room in Haley Kalil Tahoe, Calif. By then, the 5-footinch beauty was already married to Matt Kalil, a pro football player who she met while on a Tinder date with his buddy. Her husband now plays for the Houston Texans, which means that the couple — who tied the knot just four months after they started dating, in — Haley Kalil their three dogs split time bouncing between Texas, Minnesota and New York.

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