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Some characters, like Gwen Stacyaren’t always brought along for the ride, as various adaptations have chosen to focus on different characters in Peter’s life. This is largely due to the heavy storylines that follow the character. Ghost-Spider only appeared in costume in the series which never explored her character much Gwen Stacy her various adventures with Spider-Man as they took on classic villains from his rogues gallery, like Doctor Octopus and The Rhino.

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The character’s storyline followed Spider-Gwen’s comic origins though it was blended into the main Marvel universe continuity for Marvel Rising, which also saw Dove Cameron reprise her role as Gwen from Ultimate Spider-Man. It modernized and adapted some of the earliest comic storylines that created a dedicated cult following after the series’ short two seasons.

The series merged Gwen with her alternate reality Spider-Gwen character and reimagined her relationship with The Jackal who now Gwen Stacy her uncle instead of a twisted admirer and is the only adaptation to explore their long comic history in any form.

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She was faced with the difficult decision of leaving for school abroad. The movie focused on their developing relationship and the Gwen Stacy of his secret costumed alter ego, as well as his relationship with her father Captain George Stacy Denis Learywho hunted the masked vigilante. Gwen was introduced as a scientific rival of Peter’s before they started dating, and she also worked at Oscorp.

Spider-Gwen along with other multiversal characters like Peter B. Into The Spider-Verse featured Gwen Stacy unique take on Spider-Gwen’s costume and appearance that teased her comic origins and set up the character well for future appearances in upcoming animated sequels.