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The Bush frontman, 55, has reportedly been dating Gwen, 26, who boasts 1.

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A source told the The Sun: ‘Gavin and Gwen both find each other hot and they’re having fun together. They have been spending time together in Los Angeles and seeing how it goes. Neither of them is in any rush to make it serious. His last few girlfriends since splitting from Stefani are Natalie Golba and Sophia Thomalla – In July Gavin told People magazine that he was exhausted by love.

How the mighty have fallen. Back in the day, Gavin Rossdale and Bush were the hottest things on the planet. If a Gwen Singer rode by a group of Gwen Singer while blasting "Glycerine" there would be puddles on the sidewalk underneath them.

Who is Gwen Singer? Wiki, Biography & Facts About Gavin Rossdale’s Girlfriend

Every chick on the planet wanted to fuck Gavin. Guys too. I mean look at this dude. Mick Hutson. Getty Images.

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That my friends is PEAK ‘s sex appeal. He was the lead singer of one of the coolest fuckin bands in the world, pumped out smash hits, and dripped of sex.

Who is Gwen Singer? Wiki, Biography & Facts About Gavin Rossdale’s Girlfriend

So naturally, what’s a guy like that do? Wife’s up every guy’s fantasy woman. No Doubt’s princess Gwen Stefani.

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Andreas Rentz. Power moves only. But alas, "a thug changes, and love changes, and best friends become strangers. Gwen fell into the arms of Blake Gwen Singer in one of the strangest cases of opposites attract ever.

Gavin Rossdale Dating Model Gwen Singer, 26 — Report – Hollywood Life

Gavin fell into the arms of Gwen Singer actress, model, and television presenter Sophia Thomalla. Rebounds are rebounds. Don’t judge. That was followed by swimwear model Natalie Golba. Now he’s moved on to another Gwen.

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This is what a mid-life crisis looks like. Hopefully Gavin gets his shit together, looks in the mirror and realizes he’s still Gavin fuckin Rossdale and gets back to recruiting D1 talent.