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In fact, she recently cited how some couples who eventually married after being together for several years end Gretchen Rossi breaking up. Rossi also noted how famed relationships like Orpah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have been happy and in love for years — with no plans to get married.

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Like they ended up getting divorced! But so like all those people like, look, they finally get married and then they break up.

You know what I mean? But big weddings cost big money.

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So, Gretchen Rossi reason that we put it on pause was because IVF was so expensive. And so we put all our energy into that. So I would want to do like the big thing.

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I mean, I feel like her baby shower Gretchen Rossi kind of like a small wedding for us. But you know, again, I would want to do it at a level that would probably just cost stupid money.

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She also revealed a wedding date was booked but Smiley got a job that took him out of town. Such a cute and loving couple. And so we actually make a joke that we missed our own wedding.

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