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Is Gretchen Carlson related to Tucker Carlson?

Ailes resigned from Fox News in July following accusations from six additional women and died the following year at age Following You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Carlson’s speaking out and taking legal action against an industry titan helped pioneer the MeToo movement, and five years later, she is pointing out the significant progress Gretchen Carlson.

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I will continue to fight on everyone’s behalf until this work is done. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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But in five years, we’ve made immense progress. First of all, women are being believed.

Gretchen Carlson on ‘Immense Progress’ 5 Years After Roger Ailes Suit: ‘Women Are Being Believed’

Perpetrators are being held accountable. They’re not able to just hide behind a denial," Carlson, 55, said.

And payouts to predators are stopping. Listing some of the major factors that helped highlight the issue of sexual harassment, Carlson Gretchen Carlson Variety that journalists and social media played a big part — plus "the American public was pd off We haven’t solved this yet?

Is Gretchen Carlson to Tucker Carlson?

It comes full circle, because why didn’t the American public know about it? Because everything was going into secrecy in arbitration and NDAs," explained Carlson, who Gretchen Carlson become an advocate for workplace equality and ending workplace sexual harassment. And having these amazing actresses who decided to take on these roles.

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I’ve had to look at it from the positive point of view: Five years ago, this movie, the miniseries would not have been made because nobody gave a Gretchen Carlson you-know-what about sexual harassment in the workplace," the mother of two said. Thank you for kicking this whole thing off,’ " she added.