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Top 10 facts about Greta Greta Onieogou Greta Onieogou was born on 14 March and is currently 30 years old Greta Onieogou Greta Onieogou height is 1. Onieogou also runs a YouTube channel with over thousand subscribers, where she shares exciting videos. Before Greta Onieogou was an actress, Onieogou was a gymnast who trained with Olympic gymnast Alexandra Orlando.

She prefers to shop in Calgary, Canada, because of the lower taxes compared to Ontario, which is ten per cent higher. Onieogou is careful about keeping her private life to herself, so very little is known about her boyfriend and relationships. Thanks to this, the actress is fluent in both Russian and English. As far as we know, Greta is an only child as we have not seen any mention of her siblings. She has credited her parents for identifying and nurturing her talent, although she failed to expound on that statement.

When Onieogou was five years old, she moved to Ontario, Canada, with her parents, and this is where she grew up. Before Onieogou was an actress, she was a gymnast.

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She dedicated a lot Greta Onieogou time to the craft and rose to become exceptionally gifted at it. She also got the opportunity to train with Olympic gymnast Alexandra Orlando for a few months during her training. While she practised gymnastics for a long time and seemed to enjoy it, the reason why she eventually Greta Onieogou gymnastics for acting is unknown.

However, sometime when she was young, she decided to become Greta Onieogou actress instead of a gymnast. She had the support of her parents in pursuing her acting talent and so began her acting career. What other films has she been in for hardcore fans who want to binge-watch? The show had a very high viewership.

However, the story of how she got this role is quite interesting. She initially secured an audition to prove that she could handle the role.

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However, she was an hour late, so when she arrived, she found that everywhere was empty and there was no one there to conduct her audition. However, her agent arranged another audition for her, and she nailed it and became Greta Onieogou part of the show.

This role marked a milestone for her in the entertainment industry. Amy heals abused horses in the area with the assistance of her family and friends.

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Greta Onieogou plays one of the main characters, Layla Keating, a rich student at Beverly Hills School who lost her mother in a car accident and dropped out in season 2 Greta Onieogou become a music producer. Apart from her exploits in film and TV, Onieogou also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about everything, from her time on set to up-close details about herself and her family.

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If you squint really hard, you can even see her parents in some of her vlogs. She started the channel just over a year ago and now has over thousand subscribers. She also often invites her co-stars and famous friends to take part in her videos. She gets thousands of views from every video and definitely makes a pretty penny Greta Onieogou her efforts.

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Although many of her viewers are fans of her films and TV shows, many people have commented on how good she is at filming and editing her uploaded videos. Although she is still in the process of building her career, this talented actress has shown through these films and TV shows that she has her eye on the ball. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of films and TV shows in which Greta Onieogou has appeared alongside the date the project was released and her role in it.

As for her romantic relationships, the actress has tried very hard to keep things under wraps. From her YouTube channel, it seems like she prefers to keep her acting and personal life separate. Greta Onieogou in a vlog with her family, her parents can only be seen in the distant background.

She is not Greta Onieogou neither does she have any children. She seems to be a single lady who is tenaciously chasing her dreams in the entertainment industry.

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Her shopping habits are quite peculiar, though. She once shared that she prefers to shop in Greta Onieogou because she is savings conscious and appreciates the lower taxes in Calgary, where she can get better value for her money.

If fans want a front seat in her life, then her social Greta Onieogou account is where to go. To keep up with Greta Onieogou, give her a follow! Therefore, it is no surprise that she is worth an impressive 1. As her star rises in Hollywood, she is reaping the rewards both in her personal life and on her YouTube channel where she is definitely making a buck.