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Alisha Newton

A lot of time with acid, you have to be in a good frame of mind and around things and people that you like, as I was fortunate to have, and I never had Grace Slick freak out. Things got real strange [sometimes], and then it goes away in 12 hours or whatever. We got lucky with it.

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And I got lucky in that it was a time in my life where I was not particularly hampered by any hideous mental existence. There is the famous story of you wanting to dose Nixon when you got invited to the White House. Grace Slick would you slip Trump to mellow him out? There are all kinds of things about it that are tricky.

Sandahl Bergman

Bill Maher said never underestimate the stupidity of the American public, and, at this point in time, he is right. But I realized what a patriot I was when he got elected [because] it made me so sad thinking about how Grace Slick were 12 or 15 guys who, now years ago, started an entire Grace Slick.

Illeana Douglas

Although they may not have practiced all their ideas — they had slaves and were talking about how all men were free — some in Grace Slick Constitution are still used. And they were wonderful ideas as far as how to treat each other and yourself. Guy is a mess.

Chelsea Lynn

Should Grace Slick artists also be exploring such nontraditional tactics? Look at pictures of Kim Kardashian all your life? I also saw a program with Fleetwood Mac. Is there a drug you miss?

Mario Adrion