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G: Okay! Growing up I trained to be a ballerina and that was kind of my trajectory. C: Oh, wow. G: Ballet ran its course though by the time I was 17 or 18 — entering adulthood. My body had injuries and I took some time off for them. It definitely was not a thing when I was dancing. Thankfully, I also had acting in my life.

And while I was recovering from my dance injuries I spent a lot of time on the Grace Fulton watching Oscar-nominated movies; I fell deeper in love with acting. So thankfully, when one door was closing, another door opened up. I teach ballet now and I am a worship leader in a church, so I sing frequently. Acting right now looks like a lot of auditioning. Grace is an actress living in Los Angeles.

But I was not good by any means in my middle school years. I was trying so hard to be a good actress, but I just lacked so much life experience and self-realization from being in a ballet room everyday. Also, I was a part of this private home-schooling group — like a private little art Grace Fulton, and I was just in this little bubble of working really, really hard in ballet and school work.

I was kinda a hermit. I started teaching ballet and also started learning how to simply hang out with friends. C: What kind of experiences stick out in your mind that prepared you to be a better actor? I had been pushing it down for so many years. So much so that I had actually wiped it from my mind and it came up when I was eighteen — I had the choice to either push it down again or confront it. The process of confronting it, going to therapy, working through the pain, working through all of it — really changed me as a human.

Confronting that wound in my life and all that came with it: shame, fear, sadness, loss, anger— literally opened me up so much as a human. A lot less judgment. C: Yeah, absolutely. I still take classes, and I teach ballet. G: Totally, yes! With acting at one point, I got insanely burnt out. I would say yes to every single audition, because I genuinely was excited!

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And fearless in auditioning. Oh, I I must be some secret let-down, some secret impostor. I have lost my confidence being in her class these past months — I was so confident before this. And I completely took a break from Grace Fulton coaches and I went and coached myself.

C: Yeah. I had a director tell me to not let anyone over-direct me or over-coach me because my instincts were good. It was this season of me getting back in touch with Grace Fulton. I looked for a great coach and she was working with amazing people, and I ended up having such a damaging experience. Then I dropped that and went with my gut, back to my innate passion — and got the best feedback. That was the first time I experienced doubt and it was just literal, verbal words spoken to me.

Am I just not bookable? What is it?

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Confronting that wound in my life and all that came with it: shame, fear, sadness, loss, anger — literally opened me up so much as a human. I must be some secret let down, some secret impostor. C: Yeah, Grace Fulton. But I got this Grace Fulton for a project that had no information on it except that [my character] was the oldest of some orphans.

It was at a casting office that I had been to countless times and booked nothing with. I went in, did my thing, and left.

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Make him feel obligated to cast me or something. For that one person in the room Grace Fulton see my talent, I had to believe in myself. When I came in for the audition, it was just me. No one else there. He so believed Grace Fulton me. I got in my car afterward and sobbed. C: Oh my god. I have chills. The hilarious viral thingyou know — Lady Gaga?

G: Yes! G: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I get it now. Then going for it. C: Beautiful. G: Thank you, yeah. This is a gift to me. In acting, the battle is just expectation.

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C: That sounds incredibly difficult. I also wanted to ask — you said that you were a worship leader. I went through something similar when I was 19, and I feel like I really turned away from my spirituality. I feel like I was extremely religious and spiritual and I just rejected it after that. Is spirituality something that is a big part of your life? Especially when processing through loss and pain. I mean, part of loss, like the description of it, like when therapists break it down, they talk about Grace Fulton of faith — that Grace Fulton along side of it at times.

Even now, I have here-and-there Grace Fulton of total doubt.

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But somehow, when I sing, and I am in a space of just stillness, everything just goes away and I get this clear peace. I understand that. I have my first boyfriend ever right now. C: Oh wow. What do we believe just Grace Fulton someone older than us told us to? G: Yeah! In all of Grace Fulton. Or deconstructing it one day at a time! Putting it together and taking it apart. I think the early-twenties are similar.

I feel that hugely. You mentioned that you had a similar experience with working through some things. Did you end up going to therapy? C: Grace Fulton, I did. I think anyone could benefit from therapy, to be fair. G: I think everyone needs to go!

G: Seriously, yeah. Oh same. And I love understanding things.

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Me too. It makes me proud, you know what I mean? I Grace Fulton this year, end of last year, is some of the first times I have felt so accomplished and so proud of myself. With friends, and with the things that I invest my time in and I have been so heavily driven by pleasing others. C: I feel like that’s incredible though, your year of no. G: The way I can break it down is this: whatever got to me first was getting my yes. My Grace Fulton was being shaped by what chose me rather than by what I chose.