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The 10 Most Badass Goddesses Of World Mythology

Throughout the course of the history of Greek mythology their have been many Greek goddesses. From the Olympian goddesses right down to the many minor goddesses. We use DHL courier service for shipping of all orders to North America & Asia.

When the Church rose to power, Berchta’s name was dragged through the proverbial mud. She was demonized and eventually called the “Christmas Hag”. Her beautiful motherly image morphed into an ugly old hag who ate bad children or slit their bellies open and filled them with straw and stone. This once-loved ancient Germanic goddess became part of the Wild Hunt and rode alongside the wicked dead.

Circe: Greek Goddess Of Sorcery

She can see right through the façade and see to the person’s true form. The men she turned into pigs were just that—pigs. They over-indulged and drank more than what they needed. We can learn from this lesson. Only take what we need, no more. She is also a goddess who teaches powerful and toxic herbs and their uses to those practitioners who have a close connection with the plant-world.

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Mermaid Hair Got The Gilded Age Treatment At The 2022 Met Gala – The Zoe Report

Mermaid Hair Got The Gilded Age Treatment At The 2022 Met Gala.

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