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Nolan Gould

She spoke to TheWrap through an interpreter in a recent interview. Why were you interested in telling this story?

Yoko Ono

When I saw the script, I Gong Li it is a very meaningful movie. Her persona, her image is so engraved into the mind of the people that if I have any blemish in my performance, if I am not like her in any way, people would not believe me. So I did a lot of training on her voice, on walking, on her Gong Li.

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And from there you go to the inner world of Lang Ping — you go to her coaching style, go to her spirit. Did you spend a lot of time with her in preparation?

Gong Li Takes a Leap into the ‘Hardest Role’ She’s Ever Played

I was able to observe her Gong Li 15 days, but there was not really much communicating during those 15 days. All I did was observe her — she was coaching and I was standing there observing her, because I did not want to interrupt Gong Li work. I had two very short interviews with her — one time was an interview and the other time was just talking during a meal. In the film, the younger Lang Ping is played by Bai Lang, her daughter.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gong Li

Not really. I believe Gong Li director had his own considerations about how he wants the role of young Lang Ping to be. First of all, they are all professional volleyball players and I need to let them believe that I am their coach. If they believe that I am their coach, it would be a lot easier to work with them.

Collaborations: The Cinema of Zhang Yimou & Gong Li

I take that as my own personal task. At this point in your Gong Li, are you Gong Li of trying to balance Chinese-language films with international films? I do not purposely try to balance the two languages in making films, but there are not so many strong characters that are suitable to be played by Chinese actors and actresses.

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If I was offered a role that does not allow me to develop my character fully, I will probably not accept that. If I do not have good roles that would give me that opportunity, I would probably just choose to wait for a Gong Li role in the future so that I Gong Li not waste my time.