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Airing at 8 p. Apart from her acting career — she now stars on the Showtime crime drama City on a Hill currently in its second season — Reuben is also the president of the board of Waterkeeper Alliance. There, she heard about the environmentally devastating impact of mountaintop removal coal mining, in which entire tops of mountains are Gloria Reuben to expose coal seams. Afterward, Gloria Reuben debris, including heavy metals, is dumped in waterways.

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I thought what I was hearing about was a different country. I had no idea it was happening here, and it pissed me off. Waterkeeper Alliance — whose mission is the availability of drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere — Gloria Reuben founded inbringing together a consortium of groups including the original Riverkeeper, started in to protect the Hudson River from industrial pollution.

Today, Waterkeeper Alliance works to end reliance on fossil fuels, battles pollution from industrial Gloria Reuben production, and fights for the enactment and vigorous enforcement of environmental laws around the planet. How does the Waterkeeper Alliance work? Waterkeeper is a grassroots movement of community-based advocates for clean water. It offers the support and the tools — including development and communications — to sustain and grow and strengthen not Gloria Reuben the movement of Waterkeeper Alliance but the individual waterkeeper group.

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We are also litigators. If you pollute the waters, we will come and find you. This is literally an alliance of registered waterkeepers who patrol and protect their watersheds. How can you Gloria Reuben a local Waterkeeper group? How are you feeling about the state of environmental protection here in the U. Obviously, it takes time to stitch things back up. We have a leader who believes in science and is not afraid to state the facts and has made it a priority to be about water, to be about climate and environmental justice.

He has already taken steps to renew some of the destruction that has happened over the last four years in the country. But when a big hole has been dug, it takes a little bit of time to climb out of it. The Biden administration has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 50 percent by Even Gloria Reuben, will the environmental movement need to push the president to be bold and follow through? Yes, I think there will always need to be a certain amount of push and consistent nudging.

What are some of the big threats to our water? Storm water runoff that pollutes waterways bays and oceans and rivers, all of the residue that ends up in the drinking water. What was it like when you went to West Gloria Reuben to see the effects of mountaintop removal coal mining?

There are no birds.

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Gloria Reuben one thing you do hear are the blasts happening on the next mountain. I went to some Gloria Reuben the communities that could not drink the water, and the coal companies are shipping bottled water in. I have hopped on all of the regional calls that have happened since December. I am meeting many of these Waterkeepers virtually and when I see the faces of and hear the words from China or from Peru or from Mexico or from Indonesia or from Africa — Gloria Reuben hear their stories and how much they are fighting for their community — it makes me feel not just inspired and invigorated but also extremely humbled.

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Gloria Reuben even though we have huge challenges here in this country, in some ways they are minor [compared] to what some of these people are going through in their countries. What are some of those challenges faced by environmentalists in other countries? Not every country around the world has a democratic government.

Not every country Gloria Reuben the environmental laws we have. They are literally putting their lives on the line.

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What are else are you up to these days? And Lost [a memoir about the deaths of her two brothers] — came out Gloria Reuben Like many shows, because of COVID we resumed filming in the middle of October of last year and I finished up all of my work at the beginning Gloria Reuben this year. It was great fun, though.

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