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Though she begins as a meeker character, shy and scared without much to say, she evolves throughout the franchise and grows into an incredible hero. Updated on December 22nd, by Matthew Wilkinson: Ginny’s growth in confidence is brilliant to see, as she ends up being one of the strongest characters in the story. She comes a long way from the girl who Ginny Weasley kidnapped in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Throughout the franchise, Ginny brings some excellent lines that can be both comedic and thoughtful, showing how much personality she has. This is why she’s such a good character because Ginny brings so much to the story, and here are some of her best quotes. In many ways, Ginny gives true heart Ginny Weasley the story.

When Ron tries to pass an old Ginny Weasley of clothing onto his sister for the Yule Ball, she provides a hilarious response, shutting him down immediately.

‘Harry Potter’: Why Fans Are Fascinated By Ginny Weasley

When he finally realizes that it is his gown to wear, it creates a really funny moment. Even before she truly finds her voice, she is ready to defend Ginny Weasley to Draco Malfoy, who has long mocked and derided her family. Not really.

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Still, Ginny kept Harry in her heart and kept her hope alive for the one she loved. This mix of bravery, emotion, and tenacity is Ginny through and through. In this simple quote, she reveals Ginny Weasley much about herself.

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She is the person responsible for a lot of what happens in Chamber of Secretsbut it is all because of the control that Tom Riddle puts onto her. Once Harry has saved her, Ginny is quick to plead her innocence, which was Ginny Weasley really in doubt anyway. However, it’s a great quote because it showcases how desperate Ginny is to make sure people know she wasn’t responsible for everything that happens.

While Ginny might be embarrassed by it now, it really is a magnificent piece Ginny Weasley writing. There are barely any better comparisons one can think of to make for Harry and the rhyming scheme is on point. Instead, she reminds him that they equal in a really playful way.

Harry tends to get very enmired in his burdens, but Ginny knows exactly how to make him laugh. Whether it Ginny Weasley little facial expressions or clear signs from the way she talks, it is Ginny Weasley she has feelings for him. When Harry arrives at the Weasley house, without anyone in the house seemingly knowing, Ginny is the first to excitedly ask where he is.

It’s the first big, obvious sign of her feelings towards him. She’s giddy about the prospect of him being there, which is a sign of her that hasn’t been showcased until that point, which makes it such a great moment. A strength not many characters in the series possess.

Only let’s make it stand for Dumbledore’s Army because that’s the Ministry’s worst fear. She is not afraid to break the rules Ginny Weasley she is not afraid to stand up for what is right. In this case, Ginny wants to show Umbridge and the Ministry that she is not afraid of them. She wants to take a stand and not do it halfway. Pure Ginny energy.

Ginny takes full control of the situation, showing exactly what she wants.

This Is What Happened To Ginny Weasley From Harry Potter

While it is mainly about Harry getting rid of Tom Riddle’s diary to hide it, she knows that he could be tempted to go look back for it. It doesn’t matter. In these cases, Ginny is willing to soften her usual tell it like it is attitude just a hair. In Ginny Weasley quote, fans are reminded that she really values her family connections and those she loves Maybe that’s why I like you so much. This level of acceptance displays true maturity and a high level of inner strength.

When Harry and Ginny are trying to lead a Quidditch tryout, nobody is listening to Potter, instead, they’re happy to talk amongst themselves. That is until Ginny bellows Ginny Weasley them to shut up.

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It’s one quick line but it has a lot of impacts and showcases the confidence she has, and also the respect that other people have for her. Ron and Harry are busy laughing at her but she cuts Ginny Weasley down to size with ease. Lesson: Do not mess with Ginny Weasley.