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In this compelling and candid interview, we learn what she does to stay well and what she believes triggered her mental illness in Ginger Zee first place. Zee, who has storm chased since college, has a genuine passion for the atmosphere and a dedication to getting young people interested in science. I Cover Them. Gabe makes his home in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.

Podcast: Weathering Borderline with ABC Ginger Zee

Thank you. Gabe Howard: Calling into the show today, we have Ginger Zee. Zee, welcome to the show! Ginger Ginger Zee Great to be here, thank you for having me. Gabe Howard: There was a very cool quote in your book that resonated with me a lot when asked what advice you would give your younger self.

That really resonated with me. I mean, think about the last time that you were struggling to fall asleep because you were so anxious about something the Ginger Zee day. Real question for you? Ginger Zee: Right. Gabe Howard: I was trying to think of it, I wanted to sound smart on the interview. I was like, I can think of it.

We give emotion and energy to things that do not deserve them, and that wastes a lot of who we are. I think so. Keeps me in a great place.

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Nobody cares. Also sounds terrible because of course they do. My mom cares. My husband cares.

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My kids care. People care. Beyond that immediate group, right? The people who you think at work are being Ginger Zee and coming for you. We all live in our own little silos so much. But the other thing, too, that nobody cares.

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And I added at the end of that chapter, and I am still working really hard on nobody cares unless you make them care and you have to write that for them, you have to be Ginger Zee clear. Her stormy childhood, her ongoing struggles with crippling depression, her suicide attempts and many other life experiences. This book is truly, truly a deep dive into your personal past struggles with mental health issues, and as someone who lives with bipolar disorder myself, it resonated with me a lot that people pleaser was discussed before suicide attempts.

Stormy, childhood, I mean, just depression, right? Did people pleasing cause you a lot of struggle and pain in your life? Ginger Zee: No question. And I think that I am or was at the executive level of people pleasing and you only get there through certain environmental things, but you also have it inherently.

And what a people pleaser inherently will do, I think, makes you a better candidate for a lot of these other things. And as somebody who, you know, suffers from depression, I want to feel better all the time. Ginger Zee: Because badness brought on confrontation and confrontation was a place that I did not feel comfortable because I was not given the tools to have emotional regulation. It was emotional abuse. And can you explain why that was so damaging for you? For listeners who only feel that child abuse comes in one form?

It was around me. I love her. I owe her so much. That was the toxicity that was surrounding the environment that we grew up in. And I very, very, very much struggled on how to word this next question. But you have a legit mental illness. Ginger Zee: Yeah.

Kind of a calling card by the way of borderline personality disorder. And Ginger Zee I finally went to the hospital, I was then fully assessed, diagnosed correctly and given access to a person, a doctor who specializes in what I was diagnosed with. That is not the structure of how mental health is always treated, and Ginger Zee should be. But I was so grateful because it was the first time that I finally had someone who was the right fit for me because I had plenty of therapists.

And part of that was on me. How are they going to get you there even if they have the education? And so this was the right fit. You have to maintain it, you have to work really hard. It can be long standing chronic. And part of who we are accepting all of that as part of my identity helped me move away from having the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. So I want to give you a moment to talk on that because you take it very seriously and you openly discuss it.

But I sort of hear like the back of the room saying why she got to describe it as moderate? Yeah, I think because I always go back to the physical health connection, it would be like Ginger Zee in a, you know, heart health, cholesterol, Ginger Zee pressure situation, someone that has extremely high numbers has a lot further to go.

The sleep and the nutrition. Huge, huge parts of the foundation that everybody kind of let go by the wayside. And if you do those things, how much easier the gym will be. Featuring personal experiences and experts to help you better understand and navigate schizophrenia, Inside Schizophrenia is a Psych Central and Healthline Media podcast and we are available right now on your favorite Ginger Zee player. Check us out! Gabe Howard: A small group in your workplace or your social circle or even your family.

How do you handle that? I Ginger Zee, Oh, I might have made a huge mistake. I feel like I should stop them. This is not going to be good. My career is going to be over. People are going to judge me. This was finally me letting go of the people pleaser. I know what this is going to do for other people.

Gabe Howard: How is that for you and your children? Have you had to give them the mental health or the Ginger Zee illness talk at very, very young ages? And so the conversations have started because during the pandemic, there was one particular morning that I woke up and I say feeling gray.

I used to say feeling black because I used to not want to live regularly. Now I said gray because I always have some sliver of light. I immediately went to my team, my mom, my husband, my therapist, and started getting a little lighter. So I started employing all of the tactics. He just went with it and he said, I hope you feel better tomorrow. So when those moments of not feeling well come up, what can we do to get us to the next day?

My world always stopped in that moment. And so if we can say the very simple, this too shall pass. Very well received. Ginger Zee in this book, you discuss having had an abortion and anorexia. Gabe Howard: These are big, big, big concepts.

I know that you were scared because you said so at the release of your first book, which you now describe as the light version. Gabe Howard: What were you like at the release of this book?

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And so these topics are heavier. Yeah, but they are part of my trauma. I was at Good Morning Ginger Zee, ready to do my job. And I had kind of heard rumblings of it the day before when it happened, but this was the first time I listened to it.

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Ginger Zee: And I started crying uncontrollably. It sucks. Gabe Howard: In your book, you write, I am a person who is hardwired for depression and environmental traumas were my triggers. Ginger Zee: Yes.