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Over the years, she has landed several roles in German productions.

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However, her big break came in when she was cast in the Netflix series, Dark. Although Dark is a German series, it has been dubbed in several languages and quickly gained international attention.

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However, Gina knew from a very early age that acting was her calling. She enjoys traveling and has gotten the chance to visit some very beautiful and interesting destinations. She Enjoys Taking Pictures Gina makes her living Gina Stiebitz being in front Gina Stiebitz the camera, but it looks like being behind a camera is one of the things she likes to do in her free time. Gina seems to enjoy taking pictures during her travels, and she definitely has an eye for capturing the right things at the right time.

According to her bio on the Limelight PR pageGina grew up figure skating and competed in several events throughout her life.

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Even though they are worlds apart in many ways, figure skating involves lots of the same elements as acting. She Speaks 3 Language Gina Stiebitz lots of people, learning a language other than their own can feel incredibly challenging.

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However, Gina Stibietz has managed to learn three. In addition to speaking fluent German, she also speaks fluent English and can even speak a bit of French. There are lots of actors who prefer to do things on their own, while others Gina Stiebitz the help of a professional team. Gina has chosen to take the second route, and she is signed to a Gina Stiebitz based agency called Lastrada Doells.

She has also been in a few musical productions which has given her the chance to show off her singing skills.

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She is also musically talented and can play the guitar. She Likes To Stay Private Despite having been in the been in the business for a decade, Gina has managed to keep her Gina Stiebitz life out of the spotlight. She seems to enjoy keeping her life relatively low-key. Even when she does interviews, she likes to keep the focus of the conversation on her work. During a segment of the Dark after Gina StiebitzGina went into great detail about the inner workings of Franziska.

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