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Posted by Emma Westwood May 18, InterviewsSlider 2 It has been 15 years between drinks but, as of Gina Philips end of March this year, Gina Philips just wrapped shooting on what marks her return to the horror franchise that gained her legions of fans, Jeepers Creepers Diabolique spoke to Philips about her experiences with the series. In the Gina Philips of the strong and sarcastic Trish sister to Darry, played by Justin LongPhilips blew gender stereotypes out of the horror water.

They are both fully formed humans.

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While Trish is the Final Girl of this tale, she is in a far less victimised fashion. It is Darry who does not fare so well in what would traditionally be the fate of the female. So Victor [Salva, writer-director] wrote a new movie that had nothing to Gina Philips with me.

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While pre-production has commenced, neither Gina Philips nor her co-star from the original film, Jonathan Breck The Creeper himself can confidently confirm a release date. Similarly, the storyline is under wraps too, although Gina Philips horror actor, Meg Foster They LiveStepfather II and Days of our Lives series regular, Gabrielle Haugh, are among the inclusions in a cast of largely Jeepers Creepers debutantes.

But a lot Gina Philips changed for Trish over the years. It was easy to put myself in that place because it parallels my life. He gave me that to read.

Where Are They Now? : Gina Philips

He made it very easy. I got to see what will eventually happen to the character and he put enough flashbacks in there that I got to see what happened Gina Philips her over the last 15 years.

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An early childhood induction into the genre, thanks to her father, sees the now 47 year-old actor reel off films like The Gina PhilipsThe Amityville HorrorThe Omen and The Shining among her all-time favourites. He loved horror movies Gina Philips we grew up watching them together.

When I see a horror movie, I think of my dad. I have a little brother who was around the same age difference as the brother and sister in the film so that was an easy part of it.

Don’t Fear the Creeper: An Interview with Gina Philips – Diabolique Magazine

I really focused on that relationship. To me, Trish is very guarded.

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I view her as someone who had gotten hurt and who had learnt to be guarded in her life, and she used sarcasm — and a little bit of an attitude — to hide her emotions and to get through. I think Jeepers Creepers is actually a very pretty movie, which is a strange thing to say about a genre film but I think they shot it beautifully. There are images that are beautiful to me. Once shooting began, both Philips and Long found themselves in a small American town in the Gina Philips of nowhere in what sounds like an intense and isolating experience across the course of Gina Philips.

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They wanted to keep that pure. It was also a little creepy there.

Don’t Fear the Creeper: An Interview with Gina Philips

Then I started seeing person after person coming out and asking for their money back. So I panicked. I thought it was a bomb and I was really upset. It was a shock. A delightful one but still a shock. Despite enjoying a solid career, including recurring roles in both Ally McBeal and Boston Public, it is Gina Philips of her role in Jeepers Creepers that she gets stopped in the street at least once a week.

I adore our fan base.