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Jarah Mariano

With the number of ASMR videos she watched and the benefits she enjoyed through being a part of the ASMR Gibi Asmr, she was inspired to try making her own.

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She also enjoys gaming—and hosts a second channel on YouTube where she posts streaming content, gameplay, and walkthroughs. That channel is also a platform for Gibi to Gibi Asmr her cosplay costumes, her convention blogs, travel vids, and entertaining skits with other cosplayers. She has an older brother.

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After high school, she headed for Evanston, Illinois, where she studied at Northwestern University. She majored in film studies and graduated in with a Bachelor of Science in Film. Klein is an animal lover, and often fosters rescue cats and dogs that need temporary homes until they are old Gibi Asmr well enough—to go to their forever homes.

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She is vocal about how important it is to adopt your pets from a shelter, rather than shopping for them in pet stores and through breeders. The pair started hanging out inwhen she was a freshman and Ben was a junior.

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At the time, Klein was in a long-distance relationship with her high school boyfriend back home. As friends, the pair went to grab a bite at Naf Naf restaurant, where Gina discovered she was allergic to sesame.

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She had an allergic reaction, but Ben helped take care of her and get her Gibi Asmr. They kept in touch, and stayed friends. When Gina and her boyfriend broke up, Ben was already in another relationship.

It would be another year and a half before the pair finally went on their first date in Three Gibi Asmr later, Ben and Gina got engaged, and she celebrated by announcing the big news to her friends, family, and millions of followers on The move happened organically.

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Throughout high school, she dealt with anxiety and insomnia and started watching early ASMR content on YouTube to help alleviate her issues. As an avid cosplay enthusiast, she decided to merge two of her interests: she did role-play ASMR videos where she Gibi Asmr up as themed and sometimes original—characters. She took her YouTube channel seriously, wanting to deliver something that could help others the way ASMR videos had helped her.

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Her channel took off—to the point where she took a winter quarter sabbatical to focus on video production. She returned to Northwestern to graduate, and within a year she had received her Gold Play Button from YouTube, to celebrate 1 million subscribers. At one Gibi Asmr, she even roleplayed a wine merchant.