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Stellar Don’t miss out on Geraldine Hakewill headlines from Stellar. Followed categories will be added to My News. I like to play people who are grappling with something. I might not put myself willingly in some of the positions she does. I would, however, drive those really fast cars, and if I had the time I would dress in those really amazing outfits, and do my hair Geraldine Hakewill make-up every single day. What I try to do with her is to never let her be self-conscious in Geraldine Hakewill clothes.

Her outfits never stop her from being physically capable. I never want her to be held back by her vanity or worrying about how people see her.

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I really want her to be a role model for women to feel their Geraldine Hakewill is not just from their outer beauty but from how kind and clever they are. I think we can miss out on being our full selves by worrying about what we look like in certain situations. Look, I try not to leave the house in tracky dacks [laughs]. Doing the show has been really good; it does make me want Geraldine Hakewill get my act together towards dressing up because it does make you feel great.

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She embraces that completely. She will pick her children up from school in an amazing suit or wear a dress to the beach, Geraldine Hakewill it never feels like she is overdressed. Ms Fisher is set in the s and one of the storylines this season is about career vs.

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Can you imagine having to choose between your passion for your job and someone you love? I think about my grandmother, who was a really amazing Geraldine Hakewill. She was a fashion designer at David Jones.

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I think we are lucky we have so much freedom but we can still box ourselves in. What else are you up to and is there some downtime coming up? Well, hopefully there is Geraldine Hakewill three of Ms Fisher and season two of Wakefield.

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There might also be a play in the works.