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The officers then broke down the door with a battering ram. The apartment was searched, but Perez said no drugs were found. Perez didn’t write the arrest report, but he said that after Peters and the others had been detained, Officer Lawrence Martinez told him that Peters was going to be arrested for drug possession. The report Martinez wrote said that he and Officer Scott McNeil saw Peters discard the canister at the top of the staircase. If I sell half of my position because of a “sell” signal, and market moves up in price, I didn’t lose any money, I just made less than if I owned a full position. I earn a passive income stream every single month I trade this strategy.

CUNY professors awarded Guggenheim Fellowships – The Ticker – The Ticker

CUNY professors awarded Guggenheim Fellowships – The Ticker.

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Elliott learned the nursing-home business as a top executive at Hillhaven Corp. of Tacoma, WA, the nation’s second-largest nursing home chain. He left in 1986 with Andrew Turner to start Horizon. The following year Elliott moved the headquarters to Albuquerque–partly, he has said, because of his love of Southwestern art.

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More than 200 lawsuits were filed against the city by persons wrongfully convicted because of the Rampart misconduct or those who claimed they had been falsely arrested. Almost all, including a complaint filed by Peters, were settled. There is no public final accounting, although a report from 2007 said the city had paid out $75 million, and more recent reports put the figure at closer to $125 million.

  • Nevertheless, Elliott’s personal Horizon/CMS stake, say company officials, is still worth about $20 million.
  • Horizon/CMS has become one of the country’s 10 largest long-term-care chains primarily through acquisitions, paying with stock but increasing earnings to keep the stock price up.
  • He also said he pled guilty to avoid harsher punishment.
  • We figure annual revenues at about $32 million.
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This prompted lawsuits, regulatory investigations and claims about everything from improper trading on inside information to quality control. Nevertheless, Elliott’s personal Horizon/CMS stake, say company officials, is still worth about $20 million. I seek to capture that monthly passive income, by holding a half position at all times. This trading strategy combines, buy and hold, passive cash flow and a trend following timing model into a simple trading strategy. Peters’ property holdings around Santa Fe include the Old Santa Fe Music Hall, the Plaza Mercado, Se–a Plaza and the Woolworth Building on the Plaza. He is said to be the city’s largest private property owner by value.