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Summer Smith

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Our Parliament has lost a decade of opportunity, failing its citizens and Georgia Steel global community. Hughes is a wonderland of natural beauty. From our rivers and beaches to our bushland and national parks. If elected, I will work hard to ensure our environment is protected and preserved for our children and grandchildren.

Georgia Steele | Candidate for Hughes

I will be science-led, and make objective and rational decisions. I will be unencumbered by party positions, donor expectations Georgia Steel ideological thinking. I will force the transition from a fossil-fuel led economy to one powered by renewable energy. There is so much to gain โ€” for the planet, for the economy โ€” and no time to lose. Integrity in Politics The Federal Government promised the establishment of a Federal Anti-Corruption Commission, then put forward an inadequate and toothless version of one, then removed all funding entirely in the last Federal budget.

In recent years, the Australian Government Georgia Steel moved between rorts and scandals with apparent impunity.

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Consequences for misconduct are rare, short-lived and insufficient. Politics is supposed to be a noble calling โ€” an opportunity to serve.

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If elected, I will support the establishment of an Australian Federal Integrity Commission, and support amendments to electoral laws to bring Georgia Steel in line with Local and State Government requirements. We can expect very little in the way of effective government if we expect very little integrity from the people we elect to provide it.

Katie Daryl

A robust, sustainable economy Hughes is home to a vibrant, diverse and thriving community. So many families live, work, and run small businesses here. As a matter of priority, the Federal government needs to help businesses rebuild after the devastating Georgia Steel of the pandemic. Long term but starting immediatelywe need to transition the economy from one reliant on fossil fuels to one with renewable energy at its centre.

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The opportunities here are endless, and the Government needs to recognise and run with them. Maintaining Georgia Steel strong economy is key to a bright future for all.

Thomasin Mckenzie

Society will not become fairer because politicians will it to be so. Nor because they say it will be so. Governments need to implement programs, allocate funding strategically and monitor progress.

Jessica Nigri

Gender equality will never be achieved until women feel safe and respected in their communities and workplaces. The NDIS will not serve its purpose if the Government continues to unconscionably reduce funding and participant numbers. Georgia Steel should not be optional. It should be fundamental to civilised society.