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Published on June 7, The Challenge star Georgia Harrison ended up in three eliminations during War of the Worlds Georgia Harrisoneven though she already proved herself during her rookie season.

A couple of years after Georgia Harrison aired, Harrison reflected on her performance and admitted she regretted not turning coat, or switching teams, when she had the chance. Inshe joined the cast of the long-running American competition series, The Challenge for its 33rd season, War of the Worlds.

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Find out how Georgia really felt about getting thrown into Georgia Harrison elimination despite being on the winning team. The Love Island star quickly proved herself by winning several daily missions with her partner Hunter Barfield and two elimination rounds.

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The two competed in the finals with a shot to win Georgia Harrison grand prize, but Harrison collapsed during the first day of exhaustion, resulting in her disqualification. Harrison found herself voted into two eliminations within a few weeks from each other but won both, earning the option to turncoat and switch teams.

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She eventually landed in another elimination, this one against veteran Tori Dealand lost, going home shortly before the finals. Harrison recently called out ex Stephen Bear for revenge porn In Dec. Harrison took to social media and accused him of purposefully hiding cameras around his place to record sexual interactions without her consent. She also Georgia Harrison she had proof that he showed the clips to others.