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Today we will talk about the many characters in Genshin Impact — their age, height, birthdays, and the stories behind the characters. How old is Venti? How tall is Venti? How old is Kaeya?

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How old is Diluc? These are the questions the internet wants answers to, and boy do we have the answers. At the beginning of the game, you and your twin are traveling throughout many worlds, until an unexpected Genshin Impact with an Unknown God leaves you alone and stranded on Teyvat, thus beginning your long journey to reunite with your lost sibling.

An outcast Genshin Impact she was born, her foster father trained her to survive no matter how dire the situation is. While the adventures in her homeworld seemed to have reached an end, the ones in Teyvat have just begun. Arataki Itto Estimated Age: Unknown — assume very old.

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Her priorities Genshin Impact her crew and exploring the seas, no matter what she encounters in them. Honestly, Bennett is just a nice kid that has bad, bad luck. Since he possesses such an amount of positive energy, every single spirit flees in terror before he can even look at them, a very particular trait that Genshin Impact has had since his birth. Wielding a Bow and Geo abilities, Gorou is set to take a unique spot in the roster.

Gorou hails from Inazuma and is allied with the Watatsumi Army. Ever the responsible sister to Barbara, the tenacity she displays at her current job shows the level of dedication every Knight aspires to achieve.

‘Genshin Impact’ characters: heights, birthdays, and bios

His tumultuous past relates him to the Raiden Shogun Vision Decree Genshin Impact the loss of his best friend. However, they are very fond of Klee and always try to take care of her, after her mother left her with the Knights of Favonius.

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One of the first characters Genshin Impact join you in your adventures, this intellectual sorcerer aids you in many ways in your journey across Teyvat. Once revived from the grave by the Adepti, she lost every memory of her past, which compels her to write new ones in a journal. The Electro Archon seems to have an impenetrable personality, which in turn causes the current conflicts in Inazuma since she refuses to hear the concerns of her people.

Obsessed by the idea of finding immortality, the Raiden Shogun hides something deep inside. Genshin Impact meeting the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius Varka, Razor is slowly getting re-introduced to civilization and befriends other humans, like Bennett. This powerful polearm wielder uses Cryo elemental abilities to freeze and devastate opponents. Born from a family of exorcists, Shenhe was taken as a disciple of Cloud Retainer early in life.

Those very same traits earned her a place within the Knights of Favonius, where she Genshin Impact started achieving groundbreaking discoveries in her area of expertise. Every year the many celebrations in Inazuma City have fireworks created by Yoimiya, where her creativity and intense passion for her craft always leave people immensely impressed.

A Geo polearm user, Yun Jin has the potential to take foes apart or even defend the rest of the team in a tough battle.