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They had a family gathering that day and as everyone was parting ways, his mom came out to check on him. In High School, the whole senior class had done a Gavin Leatherwood for a casting director and agents throughout L. His friend Justice was the one who shared a list of agents.

Before television, he was on the Broadway Tour of Peter Pan for a couple of years but he quickly learned that it was not enough…the hard way. Leatherwood found himself Gavin Leatherwood the number of an agent.

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Hi, my name is Gavin Leatherwood Gavin Leatherwood I am an actor. How do I know you? Have I seen you on anything? He thought he had the experience but understood that he was going to have to put in A LOT of work.

Gavin Leatherwood

With the help of his friend, support of his family, and dedication, he worked hard to land his first role. This phone interaction was a highly embarrassing moment for him but also the kick he needed to jumpstart his career. Acting fulfills his days like no other and he has found himself exactly where he is meant Gavin Leatherwood be.

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As you are reading this, take a moment to think about what fills your chest with warmth and proudness. Are you pursuing it?

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Or are you letting Gavin Leatherwood get in the way? As an actor, you build a platform with the hopes of doing something good for the world.

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Gavin Leatherwood represents what it means to grow, to learn, and to embed your passion in your life. No matter the obstacles, he continues on and has a family that keeps him rooted when life gets a little Gavin Leatherwood.

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