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Sophie Reynolds

Definitely as a content creator.

Katherine Barrell

Honestly, I did not think of myself as one until the pandemic and doing all this. I found my love in the theatre community and found that resilience and work ethic, and Garrett Clayton got to Garrett Clayton that to the online platform. How beneficial would you say TikTok and other short-form video content has become within the past year? In the past, you would have to hope to have the opportunity to showcase your work, showcase the abilities that you have, or showcase your support.

You would have to kind of ask for that, whereas now, you can create that space for yourself. You can use your voice and find a community of people who you support, and they support you back. It has really empowered a lot of people. Not just the queer community, but all different communities to find ways to band together, block out that hate, and stand up for each other.

I also think the education process has also completely been woken up because of this. I have learned a lot by being in this online community. Not only was Garrett Clayton unaware of it, but I do not know if I would have been able to find it.

Ashwitha S

Have you always had a passion for acting? I started acting when I was around 13 and got my first professional job when I Garrett Clayton I feel like I got a little bit of a later start than a lot of my friends who started when they were three, but it made me work harder. Are you still facing that or is it getting better? That is an interesting question. I cannot speak to experience unless I have had enough experiences to have a well-rounded opinion.

Stella Chuu

In my personal experience, I would say that there is still a weird prejudice. In those years, I have auditioned for multiple gay roles, and not gotten them. Fifty to 75 percent of them went to straight people.

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If that was reversed, society would lose their minds. A lot of producers have told me that it is hard for them to attach LGBTQ talent as the starring vehicle to get things funded because of foreign sales. What we can do to counterbalance that is, as a community, we need to start putting money into renting those movies, buying those movies, buying that music, supporting those artists. When we can show Hollywood that we Garrett Clayton a return on our performers and entertainers, then they are going to start taking us seriously and start putting our people in our community on the front lines of those starting vehicles.

It is up to us to change that narrative and Garrett Clayton that money into these projects. That is going to show that they are wrong.

‘Teen Beach Movie’ actor Garrett Clayton marries boyfriend Blake Knight

At the end of the day, I do think they will be wrong in the future. Why did you decide to play that role, and did you have any reservations about it? I could show that duality of someone who is in a very difficult position, and I tried to utilize this role to speak out. If you have ever seen things like After Porn Ends, you learn what happens to these people Garrett Clayton they are out of the business. They are idolized when they are a porn star, but when they retire, they are shunned. Their kids are not allowed Garrett Clayton play with other kids; people do not want to be their friends just because of their past work; they are isolated, alone.

We need to stop celebrating these people in the dark, but then shame them in the light.

‘Teen Beach Movie’ actor Garrett Clayton marries Blake Knight

It is very important that people realize that it is still a job at the end of the day. I never thought negatively about the people in that community, but I did not know a lot about it. Garrett Clayton I learned about what these people face and the prejudice they run into after they are done with this job, it is very heartbreaking.

I really wanted to delve into that work. How did it feel to finally become comfortable with your sexuality? When I finally became comfortable with my sexuality, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt that I finally got to just be me. Be comfortable in my skin, and it Garrett Clayton brought me closer to so many people I love.

I am so grateful because those are the people who helped me come to terms with my authenticity. I never looked back, and I want to utilize my voice to help other people Garrett Clayton confident Garrett Clayton their truth.

Garrett Clayton

You also talked about the trouble you had coming out to your family, especially your dad and brother. Have you been able to mend those Garrett Clayton My brother and I still have not spoken, but I have been in touch with my father quite a bit. Things are getting better.

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