Galina Dubenenko Escort Gloucestershire

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For the post, she posed in front of a mirror wearing a jacket, a tight top, and a revealing pair of panties.

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The Russian beauty – whose full name is Galina Dubenenko – had been quiet on the social media platform of late, but returned with this eye-catching pic. Galina kept it simply, but sultry, as she took a Galina Dubenenko in a bedroom. She stood on hardwood flooring at the end of a bed, and a mirrored closet was visible in the background.

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Galina wore Galina Dubenenko long auburn-colored hair parted in the middle and it cascaded over her shoulders. She was shot from the thighs up and held the phone in her left hand, while her right hand grabbed her hair.

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Galina Dubenenko wry smile grin could be seen on the edge of her lips. The model slightly turned her body and jutted out her hips, which embellished her slender figure.

Galina Dubenenko (@galina.dub)

In the caption – as per Google Translate – the social media influencer mentioned going away on a trip soon, and how much she missed traveling. Many of Galina’s 1.

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Followers complimented the influencer in both English and Russian. As covered by The Inquisitr Galina Dubenenko, Galina showcased her body in a black bikini back in June. This was another bedroom pic, and it earned overlikes.

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