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By Ruth on January 2, in Interviewmovietelevision 3 3 In my ever-vigilant quest for new family-friendly fare that is offered on a variety of accessible networks, I was quite ecstatic to discover that one of the stars of the upcoming UP premiere this weekend, Runaway Romance, was Galadriel Stineman to answer a few questions about her career and her experiences with this film as well as her works with Hallmark and elsewhere. Galadriel Stineman auditioned for my first play in kindergarten.

I have a bit over a decade of formal training in scene study and improv.

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One of my first roles was playing the live-action version of a cartoon superhero, Gwen Tennyson in Ben Alien Swarm. It was an honor to play a beloved character with a loyal fan base, and although she was only fifteen, she was a smart fighter and protector. I believe you have been in only one Hallmark film Operation Cupcake.

In general, what do you like Galadriel Stineman working with the Hallmark network? Copyright Crown Media Holdings, Inc. It was the same production company Larry Levinson as the one for Pixl though which was nice. I also met Mike Manning, who played my boyfriend in that movie.

I like doing Hallmark movies because they make you feel good. Galadriel Stineman know they will turn out to be uplifting and are a safe bet when you need a nice escape. I also like that they have a code of decency that means I can share it with anyone, without worrying about adult themes, nudity, and language.

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Please tell us about how your experience with The Middle. Since this is based on true events, what was it like portraying a real person?

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What can you tell us about your role? All that is public about Annie is that she was twenty-five, so I had free reign to create her how I chose. Just listening and reacting genuinely fit. It was really tough to sit through some of that testimony. I can only imagine what it would have been like to Galadriel Stineman have sat on that jury for all those months.

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You are also in a Pixl film called A Moving Romance. What can you tell us about that film and your role in it? I played Lily.

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In that movie, my friend is trying to set me up with her best guy friend. Classic love story! Runaway Romance Recently you finished filming Runaway Romance. What do we have to look forward to in this film? Runaway Romance Galadriel Stineman an amazing experience.

The director was a dream, my co-stars were amazing, and the producers were top-notch. I play Sarah, an Amish widow who is torn between two worlds… running the inn that she had shared with her husband, but that the elders in her community disapprove of, or remarrying and accepting Galadriel Stineman traditional wife role to make everyone happy. This movie will mix the world of Galadriel Stineman and cell phones and magazines with the world of the Amish.

I think it will turn out really nice. Any other upcoming works you can mention? Nothing else I can talk about at the moment! If it ever turns into something professional, that would be OK. Sometimes I just like to create things and put them out there and just see where it takes me. Those are both so difficult — just as tricky to get work as actors.

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What is your favorite season of the year and why? I love Autumn.

Galadriel Stineman

I think I love fall because of all the family time — Galadriel Stineman of our birthdays fall between September and December. Then you have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right in a row! In fact, before October even comes around, I am typically planning on getting out my Halloween decorations!

As I came into the interview with very limited knowledge of Galadriel, she completely overwhelmed me with her professionalism, positivity, and overall enthusiasm. She is quite an accomplished actress with a wealth of assorted credits to her name, and as I began to reflect on the movies in which I had seen her, it Galadriel Stineman easy Galadriel Stineman discern why she is such an amazing industry professional.

Not only that, but she Galadriel Stineman a young mother who maintains a well-rounded lifestyle and a sense of balance between her acting career and family life. In my humble opinion, Galadriel is one of the brightest of the young starlets I have observed in some time, and I can hardly wait to watch her star continue its steady upward spiral towards the attainment of all her hopes and dreams!