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As a child, she shone in roles that showcased her candor and precociousness, such as her supporting turns in "Uncle Buck""The Man Without a Face" and "Sleepless in Seattle" both and as the Gaby Hoffmann of the short-lived NBC sitcom "Someone Like Me" It was her work in ‘s "This is My Life", directed by Nora Ephron, and the resulting praise that encouraged Hoffmann to Gaby Hoffmann pursue acting as a career. Ephron again tapped her for a pivotal part in "Sleepless in Seattle", where she sparked up the film as the crafty pal of Ross Malinger who played Tom Hanks’ son.

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While her sitcom about a precocious pre-teen only aired five episodes, Hoffmann proved enough of a small screen presence to land the parts of the daughter of Gaby Hoffmann Long in the switching places comedy "Freaky Friday" ABC, and the object of a custody battle in the CBS TV movie drama "Whose Daughter Is She? That same Gaby Hoffmann, she was featured in the coming of age drama "Now and Then", playing the character Samantha as a child, while Demi Moore played Samantha’s adult incarnation.

In 60s-era comedy "Strike!

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She had similar roles in "Snapped"an indie comedy about unmotivated kids in New York’s East Hampton, and "Coming Soon"another coming-of-age comedy set in an Upper East Side Manhattan prep school. Her career restarted in earnest with co-starring roles in the Jenny Gaby Hoffmann romantic comedy "Obvious Child" and the fan-funded "Veronica Mars" reboot, along with a story arc on "Girls" HBO and a co-starring role on the comedy-drama Gaby Hoffmann Amazonas the daughter of a late-life transsexual.

Hoffman also appeared opposite Reese Witherspoon in the drama "Wild" and in a supporting role in the indie romantic comedy "Manhattan Romance" Highest rated movies.

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