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Potente was able to find acting gigs outside of school hours and appeared in her debut film in the student film of Aufbruch.

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She played a year-old girl named Anna who seeks freedom in a city is labored to leave her home with a man who is a fan of her. Her name has later discovered by a casting agent, and she made an appearance in the movie Nach Funf im Urwald After Five in the Forest Primevalwhich has directed by her former boyfriend, Hans Franka Potente Schmid.

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The film was premiered at the Hof International Film Festival and began showing in German theaters on 25 April The film won an award in called Franka Potente Bavarian Film Award for Young Talent for her contribution to the film. Potente was back in Europe and was a part of German in both French films. Images The film has specifically written to fit her character; her role as a woman who has to collect Deutsche Mark in twenty minutes to help her boyfriend escape.

Then she starred as a romantic Franka Potente character in Bin ich schon? There, she was intricate in a sinister plot carried out by an espionage Anti-Hippocratic society.

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The film played a nurse in a mental hospital who, after a near-death experience, Franka Potente herself in the arms of a grieving ex-military Benno Furmann, who was also her co-star in the film Anatomy who relapse into a life of crime character. BBC Photo Critics highly appreciated the independent film.

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She was an editor of the movie in the unpopular independent film Storytellingstarring Leo Fitzpatrick and Selma Blair. The film began in at Franka Potente Cannes Film Festival and had a limited release worldwide in various markets.

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In the film, she has portrayed Franka Potente a European woman who becomes closer to the role of the film, which suffers from severe memory loss and tries to uncover his identity amid a secretive plot within the Central Intelligence Agency. Pictures The actress briefly reprised her character in her role in the German thriller Anatomy 2 She was also a star in the German-English British horror film Creep as an unnamed woman locked up in the London Underground overnight, followed by a sickly-looking killer living beneath the sewers.

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Oskar Roehler produced the film. Franka also wrote and directed Der die Tollkirsche ausgrabt, an unscreened movie released in the year She then starred alongside Eric Bana and Kodi Smit-McPhee in the Australian drama film Franka Potente, My Fatherwhich tells the story of the struggles of a couple who have to take care of their son in the face of challenges.

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The film, set within the s Chinese spy culture, was launched on 9 June in China and on 2 October The film has done released in North America. Based on The Laconia incident, she was the central part of a woman who was an actor for The Sinking of the Laconia. The two-part T. However, the BBC Franka Potente the cancellation of the show after its conclusion.

Franka Potente New Net Worth, Family, Husband, Biography, and More

The show was then renewed again for the second season. The year was the first time Potente got a part in the second season of The Bridge. She made her return for a big-screen debut for the sequel to the horror film The Conjuring two as real-life German-British parapsychologist Anita Gregory, who investigated the Enfield Poltergeist case in the last decade of the Franka Potente century.