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They were able to perform as a couple whenever lockdown permitted because they were living together. Hayward is entirely believable as a very young Juliet, overwhelmed by her first experience of falling in love.

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She was exceptional in the BalletBoyz film of Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words with William Bracewell as Romeoher face in close-ups revealing every thought and feeling. With Romeo, she is poised on pointe in ecstasy; flat footed, she forces herself to pick up the potion. Francesca Hayward Hayward in Romeo and Juliet. Click image for larger version When she dances with Paris at the ball, she still seems a child, so small and light, shyly enjoying the attention of her family and guests.

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When she dances with Romeo at the ball, every step is addressed to him or about him. Each of their interrupted encounters is different as her attraction to him grows. Their kiss ensures her absolute commitment to him, even as Francesca Hayward runs back up to her bedroom balcony.

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Click image for larger version Corrales, alas, is a Francesca Hayward. His concern appears to be with performing the choreography as well as he can, given the decline in his once impressive technique.

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Both are quick witted as well as fleet footed, as sharp as their swords. Lady Capulet Christina Arestis mourns him excessively, but Lord Capulet has always known he needed to be kept in check.

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He has the charismatic authority that Prince Escalus notably lacks when he orders the feuding Francesca Hayward to stop fighting each other. Corrales hauls her about convincingly in grief, dragging her across the floor behind him — a breaking of balletic conventions that shocked audiences in Her reaction is heart breaking, as is the final tableau.

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The audience erupted in applause as the pair took their first curtain call, still caught up in their roles.