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Francesca Annis Cam Show

I was going to be a Carmelite. Luckily for them, I moved on. I fell in love with a mortal, a boy.

Dannie Diesel

But soon thereafter, she caught the acting bug. Looking back on the career she chose in the end, she knows she made a good choice for herself. If I want to travel for two or three months, I could do it.

Francesca Annis

I had the choice. That play or that television or that film…Every new job is a wonderful voyage of discovery.

Veronica Carlson

It can be incredibly interesting. It is challenging.

Zoë Bell

Sometimes scary. But never boring. She spent the first seven years of her life in Brazil. The family spent years there before moving to England, and Annis still has vivid memories of her Francesca Annis in Brazil.

Francesca Annis Broadway and Theatre Credits

And snippets of the beach — my parents owned a nightclub on Copacabana beach. From one till seven, when we moved to England, I spoke only Portuguese. Not a word.

Tom Welling

I have relatives in both places. It was a six-week solo trip.

Francesca Annis On What It Was Like Making David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ – Deadline

Sometimes you get really high on being on your own. Her big break was starring alongside a Hollywood icon! She was like Francesca Annis because it sat naturally on her shoulders. She’s always taken an unconventional path. I cut my hair short. I picketed the Miss World contest.

The practical things. The many people you know who need care and attention. And all sorts of different generations in your life. You change, Francesca Annis attitudes change, you change physically, you change mentally.