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Kim Richards

Lisa Bell

And she tries a lot of different things to find out who she really is. She goes on a true journey Frances Oconnor she initiates to find out who she is. And at the end of it, she knows who she is, and then from that she can write and express Frances Oconnor.

There was a period when it was just Branwell, Emily and Weightman kicking around the parsonage while the others were away being governesses, or [teachers] at school.

Jasmine Sanders

Some characters evolve slightly differently in terms of their costume. Some characters deteriorate.

Martha Macisaac

That was the feel we were going for. These kids are Frances Oconnorso we just had to pop the camera on them and they look beautiful. So we went for something very natural in terms of minimal makeup and really natural hair.

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Embankment, which is executive producing and arranging financing, has sold multiple territories including U.