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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest I love meeting women who inspire me with all aspects of their lives! Throw in eating clean, working out and staying fit, and many women can easily be overwhelmed. I felt so motivated when I met Florina! Her workout regime includes Florina Fitness lifting that tones the entire body. She transformed her body with persistence and hard work, and managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant.

I feel so lucky that I got to catch Florina Fitness with this busy fitness inspiration! What inspires me is being mentally and physically strong. Many girls have this idea if you lift heavy you are going to look like a man. I felt happy, strong and motivated.

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I started squatting up to lbs. I was lifting every day highly do not recommend and once I reached my goal Florina Fitness was so proud of myself. I would have to say goals are what inspired me to push forward. Any tips for expecting mothers? Drink lots of water and teas to keep the body nice and hydrated. I drank lots of coconut water. Moisturize like crazy, especially the belly-that was Florina Fitness grease ball at all times lol… Walk every day for at Florina Fitness 20 minutes.

What about post-pregnancy advice? Nutrition is the key to any fitness goal. Carbs are what makes us happy and help us think well, so why would someone want to take that away. Have you ever been around a person on a low carb diet?

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They are not fun and they are spaced out with low energy. We need to nourish our body first before we expect it to make any changes. Once you nourish your body then you can make your body lose weight or gain muscle. My advice is to get into a nutrition plan and make sure the person knows what they Florina Fitness talking about.

How do you find the right balance between being a mom and a wife, while Florina Fitness work and fitness? Having a supportive husband that keeps you on track.

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We have both always been on the same page since the beginning. We have been self-employed for the past 6 years and Florina Fitness year takes us into a new journey. So our days are never boring. Life is about failing in order to learn.

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Has it been easy? What has exercising taught you? Every time I get close, I set new goals. Fitness has to be made into a lifestyle that you enjoy. I love working out and if I could work out every day I would, but I know that would only hurt all my gains. Florina Fitness I only workout 3 to 4 times a week.