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In the Internet age, many with predominately online jobs are multi-hyphenates; people whose place s of work require them to wear various hats.

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The newly revived G4 network has many such individuals, with one who has a particularly full plate being Fiona Nova "Nova" Piccoli. Nova turned 25 in Julymaking her one of the youngest G4 hosts alongside Ovilee May; known for her work as an esports reporter and host at Riot Games covering League of Legends.

Fiona Nova Talks Being G4’s ‘Jill of All Trades’

While Nova describes herself as "kind of an online comedy creator," she is ultimately passionate about telling stories. This includes traditional media, but an early interest in RPGs and Twitch streaming really set her Fiona Nova.

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Over her two-year tenure Fiona Nova the production company, she became a part of Achievement Hunter and served as showrunner for variety shows like This Just Internet as well as the "interactive murder mystery" Dead Little Roosters which she directed. Nova is also the voice of Fiona Nova One in Red vs. Blue: Zeropart of an infamous ongoing web series set in the Halo universe.

However, Dead Little Roosters seemingly Fiona Nova the waters for something much bigger. This short film, a big screen co-directorial debut for Nova and her brother Pier, is a psychological thriller about a run-down laundromat described as "David Lynch meets Black Mirror. The siblings are planning to post the film on YouTube after it finishes its festival circuit.

This international household curated a worldwide media exposure that left them both with the goal "to tell exciting stories in exciting ways.

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For instance, she said Gina Darling is "so exciting and fun," someone Nova knows she’ll always have a good time with; Neff "has stories for every single Fiona Nova you can imagine;" and Creed is "amazing, supportive, wonderful human being. In an interview with Game Fiona Nova shortly after this, Gharaibeh lovingly said "she’s trouble" and keeps him "young and fresh. This name has also bled into their work on Attack of the Show!

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Nova, Gharaibeh, Darling, and Neff are main hosts for Attack, alongside Pereira, following the official Fiona Nova on November 16, Meanwhile, Nova and Gharaibeh are together as "noobs" on the improv-heavy Dungeons and Dragons live series, Invitation to Party.

With all of this going on, Nova said she’s been on autopilot Fiona Nova up so many opportunities where she can. But [at G4] it feels like you can throw it online and you’ll have a major supportive backbone. It’s amazing.