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Here are 30 underrated female rappers you should check for in The girls are simultaneously eating and serving, healthy helpings of lyricism, swagger, and star-power to an industry that oftentimes gives them crumbs. Female rappers are in full force and disrupting the idea that only one queen can reign supreme, widening the Female Rappers pool and creating easy access for fans looking for new artists to support. Throughout the past Female Rappers years, women have dominated rap music parties and playlists, signifying long-overdue change in the industry.

Artists such Female Rappers Cardi B continue to break chart records with her colorful visuals and catchy lyrics. One thing has been made clear: the growing spotlight and desire to listen to female rappers is not a trend, but a signifier of the future of hip-hop and the music industry at large.

Still, with smaller budgets than their male counterparts, gender-based double standards in hip-hop, and the constant battle with misogynoir inside and outside of the music industry, many female rappers slide under the radar and are unintentionally skipped by potential fans who are unaware they exist.

InOkayPlayer introduced 25 female rappers you should be listening to, a list encouraging readers to bolster streams, purchases, Female Rappers social media support of underrated women MCs. Those listed have continued to make strides on their individual paths to coveted success. As previously mentioned, Chika was nominated for a Grammy among other prestigious awards. Atlanta rapper L atto — formally Mulatto — put up a career defining earning her first plaques.

30 Underrated Female Rappers You Should Listen to in 2021

For30 talented ladies made the cut. The following female rappers use the gift of their pen and the power of their voice to certify themselves as rap stars on all levels. All have their own unique style and represent different regions and are talented Female Rappers in the hip-hop industry that deserve consideration on your next playlist, party set, or musical deep dive.

Check out our list of 30 female rappers you should listen to in The year-old has entered a new lane in her career and has not released her foot from the gas. She quickly proved her undeniable talent and ability to create with intention, releasing a second mixtape, Nirvanamonths later. The year-old crafts fun, trendy songs and continues to push her creative boundaries with each verse delivered. The Female Rappers rapper, who centers cunnilingus as power, is a new mother of triplets, but this has not slowed down.

She frequently hops on other beats and makes them her own, including creative visuals to accompany the freestyles. Beyond her confident, commanding verses, Lakeyah also presents a vulnerable side through songs about love and life.

Photo Credit: Enchanting Enchanting is newer to the hip-hop world but because of her distinct delivery she is one to watch. Big Chant, as she sometimes refers to herself as, whispers menacingly over trap beats and also sings, channeling her delicate vocals into a soft, melodic sound.

Lyrically, and visually, Iamdoechii put forth the ultimate introduction to her creative skill. Her versatile style and ability to switch flows adds depth to the vulnerable, descriptive story-telling on each release. Full of wit and innovation, Iamdoechii is only getting started. She began by remixing other songs with her own flare, carving her lane as an artist and continued by releasing original tracks. Through her self titled mixtapeErica Banks delivers high-energy rhymes where whether it be personally, sexually, or financially, she puts herself first.

Every Stunna Girl verse is a new declaration of what she will and will not do, and always on her terms. Her assertiveness was shaped by her upbringing in Sacramento. The year-old rapper served three years in a juvenile jail as a teenager and developed her determination and Female Rappers. Upon release at 17, Stunna Girl continued to build on the momentum from a viral video in her hometown, uploaded beforehand.

Now, she is ready to make her name known on a larger scale. Photo Credit: Nappy Nina Nappy Nina is a strong lyricist with a smooth delivery developed from her beginnings as a poet. She channeled her talent for writing and natural-born skill for music into a career as an artist and producer. Her latest release, Double Downa collaborative project with producer JWordsfeatures her signature sultry flow over expertly crafted beats.

With high energy, the rapper tells stories of a gritty, yet flashy streetlife and boasts on designer threads, icy chains, and a crew as tough as she is. With high energy, the rapper, who often features alongside fellow Big Godz World Wide artists, tells stories of a gritty, yet flashy streetlife and Female Rappers on designer threads, icy chains, and a crew as tough as she is.

MoMoney recently released the EP Intact. The young rapper has one album under her belt, This Why They Mad NowFemale Rappers she showcases a confident, high-energy flow throughout.

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The two women have a sisterhood-like bond which shows as their skills perfectly match on each track. Female Rappers, Mother Nature take on the depths of the universe Female Rappers the complexities of life using wordplay to give listeners their take on the world. Frequently uploading freestyles to the internet, her fast paced rhymes are not short of lyrical quality.

Her quick-delivered rhymes detail a world built by her own hard work, and a desire to win and Female Rappers the respect she deserves. The North Carolina-bred MC talks tough and has the swagger and demeanor to back it up. She has made it clear, she does not shy away from asserting her dominance against any opp. She has proven to be skilled as a lyricist and brings each verse to life with ferocious energy.

Her drops through the years unlock a new level of artistry every release. Her high-pitched, sing-song Female Rappers does not make her lyrics any less effective. Ty Bri uses her cadence to make punchlines stick. Her braggadocio and confident attitude are matched with vibrant lyrics expressing her lavish persona. Kayykilo makes fun, catchy tunes and, as Female Rappers first and only woman signed with Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, the Louisiana rapper gives the label a necessary boost.

The year-old uses her rhymes as a shield protecting her aura from messy women and broke boys.

Female Rappers brand exists as the ultimate Gen-Z it girl, growing her audience as not only a rapper but a YouTube personality and social media influencer. Tap into her EP Definition of Dess. Photo Credit: Shot By Sed Building her fanbase with freestyles from her carTokyo Jetz has steadily recorded and has released music since Her viral raps earned the Florida rapper a Female Rappers with Grand Hustle.

She uses her southern drawl to add personality to her quick-fire rhymes. Her music details her life including motherhood and pregnancy and mental health. Her latest album is Cancel Culturea project where she responds to backlash she got because of a crass joke about George Floyd.

She has an aggressive tone that helps her case Female Rappers proving she is one of the best. Whether it comes to rapping or style, Connie Diiamond prides herself on individuality and the ability to think outside of the box, staying true to herself and operating on her own terms.

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She is a skilled rapper, vocalist and writer who does not shy away from tackling societal issues through songs; and she does so with poignant, defiant lyrics and sharp delivery. Now as a young adult, she has developed her musical skills into a hip-hop career combining her Trinidadian bred tenacity with Brooklyn based style. The Detroit-bred artist does not shy away from confrontation. Direct in message, Rocky Badd does not Female Rappers on subliminal shade.

She calls out all of her targets by Female Rappers and stands fearless on her own two feet. Her deep-pitched voice makes her shit-talking raps — usually aimed at men who are tasked with paying up, playing their role, or leaving her alone — believable. Female Rappers released her first mixtape, For the Streetslast year and has room to develop and grow her artistry as she prepares a debut LP.

Her raunchy lyrics and distinct voice make every Vickeelo song one to run back. You can follow her work at MiciaGirl.