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Later she attended The Lee Strasberg institute, where she began Felissa Rose training as a serious actress. InFelissa returned to the horror genre that had started her Felissa Rose. As an artist, she continues to push boundaries and evolve both on screen and behind-the-scenes.

Her attitude of gratitude is simply infectious! Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently sat down for a quick chat with Felissa Rose to discuss her amazing career in the film industry. What drew you to the craft of acting early on in life? My Mom took it very seriously and enrolled me in a local dancing school, where they did have managers in the New York area who would come and send us on professional auditions.

Angela is such a beloved character in the horror genre. I do a lot of conventions and I speak with so many people that feel like they enjoy the film and many people tell me that they relate to the film because they were bullied growing up.

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I think that character resonates so deeply with people because she was a child and seemingly very sweet. What does that title mean to you? They were such marvelous actresses in some of my favorite horror movies. It does mean hard work, great character work and roles that are meaningful.

They can be funny as well. So, thank you for that! You would go on to pursue your passion even further by going to the Tisch School of The Arts. At what point did that fire inside of you start burning hotter, so to speak? Since I was a child when I first started, I did take some time off.

I actually had a business and did other things outside of acting. It became a serious thing and, ultimately, my profession once that began. I studied so much and really took it seriously when I would read a script or create a character because it was my profession.

I work really hard at the craft. I really love the heart in independent film. You have been part of so many cool projects. At what point in your career, did Felissa Rose feel you came into your own as an actress? From then on, after I met Harrison, I took the roles very seriously and was challenged in the roles I was taking. All of a sudden, I was surrounded by these great people.

I was also having babies at that time! A quick glance at your IMDB page reveals that you are busier now than ever before! What do you look for in the Felissa Rose you take on at this point in your career? I really like the character because she is really simple. I feel like I want to play as many different parts as I can.

That was so much fun. There are all of these different kinds of characters that really speak to me and I think would either resonate with an audience or drum up some kind of reaction! Tell us a little bit about your process for bringing a character to life. I always read the script 3 times. The second time through, I am reading it and thinking about what everyone is saying about my character.

Finally, on the third time through, I am completely focused on my character.

Once I break it down that way, I give a biography to the person. Fortunately, I have worked with so many great writers and directors who love being collaborative that allows us to speak extensively about the character. What propelled this person to do this or say that?

Maybe we should change it. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I get to put on a costume and play these great characters that Felissa Rose love so deeply. For that, I am so grateful! Felissa Rose in the wild! Has there been anyone behind the scenes that has kept you inspired through the years?

I have a lot of dear friends who are in the industry. As I mentioned, Harrison Smith has always been very helpful in my career. I also look up to actors like Meryl Streep. My mom has also been a great mentor and someone who has pushed me, shaped me, and always Felissa Rose me along the way. Joe Bob Briggs is another person I adore. He has poured so much greatness, laughter and life into my career.

Adam Green Felissa Rose someone who I have always absolutely loved so much! Certainly, my husband Felissa Rose always been a champion of anything I have done.

I think there are people meant to come into your life who fill in the colors, Felissa Rose you will. What a beautiful way to put it! Thank you! Being an artist is a Felissa Rose interesting life because it does take a village. One of the things I love about the creators in the horror community is the amazing connection you share. Oh, my gosh!

I love that man so much!

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I mean, I will always be a fan of his! We went somewhere and shot something. Every time I am with him, I feel like a Felissa Rose kid! It seems you are definitely up for expanding the role in the world of entertainment. What lessons have you learned over the course of your career that continue to resonate?

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For me, anything I do and any lesson I learn has to be that of gratitude. Even in being a mom and having kids, being truthful to yourself and truthful with others are great life lessons. I think everyone should be honest with the dreams and passion that they have.

I also wanted to ask about your connection to your Felissa Rose. What can you tell us about that aspect of your life? I love the convention circuit! I absolutely love traveling around and meeting people. I love people, so feel like being able to hang around and make movies and Felissa Rose hanging out with all of these people I call my friends is amazing.

The documentary is going really well! Thank you for asking! We were just in Atlanta in January. We hope to connect with them and dive deeply into the making of Felissa Rose original movie! So, being involved with this documentary is incredibly exciting for me! I am very passionate about that!

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The producer, Matt Manjourides, he and I were talking one day. We should think about doing it for Fangoria. I have an idea and it should be you, Tiffany and Kane. We all flew to Dallas and started doing it! It has been nothing short of absolute incredibleness!

You have three friends with three different perspectives, and they throw a topic at us. We have a ball just rummaging through our own feelings, thoughts and ideas. I really enjoy seeing those different sides of you all. In many ways, I see all Felissa Rose you in a different light. I have one word for it going into the process — authenticity. I really wanted all of us to take the masks off, so to speak, and not be afraid or feel inhibited in any way.

I wanted us to be able to sit and really speak from our hearts. I Felissa Rose I definitely supply a lot of emotion. I think the three of us together has been an amazing potpourri of interesting stuff! Fangoria is now showing the video from the sessions on the Fangoria YouTube channel. On Friday, they just posted the first episode of Season 2, Felissa Rose check that out! I definitely will and I am excited to spread the word.