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Balk, who was just 9 years old at the time, grew up in an artistic family and took acting classes as a child. It seemed that she was destined for stardom! As Balk’s career continued, everything seemed to be falling into place; she acted consistently Fairuza Balk the ’80s and ’90s via IMDb.

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However, it wasn’t until that Balk landed a role to rival Dorothy: she was cast as Nancy in the witchy teen flick The Craft, which quickly became a cult classic via Vulture. After that, Balk developed a reputation of being the "dark, scary, crazy girl" of Hollywood.

However, even though Balk seemed to be everywhere back in the ’90s and early s, she’s slowly faded out of the spotlight since then. With the exception of some indie films and an ongoing role in Ray Donovan inthings have been fairly quiet for Balk. Fairuza Balk, what is Fairuza Balk really up to now? She started getting parts in films inand inshe landed the coveted role of Dorothy in Return to Oz. By the sound of things, Fairuza’s family had been preparing her for this early success from the beginning.

Her mother, Cathryn Balk, was a former dancer, and her father was a California-based musician. Cathryn placed Fairuza in range of Fairuza Balk classes as a child, including dancing, violin, piano, horseback riding, and acting Fairuza Balk.

The Real Reason Fairuza Balk Took A Break From Acting

No wonder this young triple threat was ready to step into Judy Garland ‘s shoes in the Wizard of Oz sequel! Inshe was Fairuza Balk by The Washington Post — and she was just 11 at the time. Balk revealed that people had started treating her differently; her friends at home were asking her "if she’s rich now," and she was getting stared at in public.

Balk looked back on her early fame inin an interview with Dread Central. Forman also explained that Balk was just 14 years old during the shoot. It seems that after her first roles, Balk was solidifying her reputation in the industry, and Fairuza Balk the groundwork for a spectacular career.

However, as Balk revealed in a interview with Entertainment Weeklythings could have gone very differently. The reason? Balk explained that at the time, she was already signed up to do the film Basquiat. Balk had hoped to make both roles work, but when Julian Schnabel, the director of Basquiat, found out that she was considering doing another role, he phoned her, furious. Soon enough, Balk was thrilled to be part of the film.

And, as things turned out, Balk couldn’t have made a better decision for her career. The Craft was a massive hit, beating Clueless in its first weekend at the box office and becoming a Fairuza Balk classic. As she explained to the Los Angeles Timesthe success of the film was a big surprise. Apparently, after The Craft, Balk acquired a whole new legion of fans who were completely obsessed with her character from the film.

Some fans even referred to her character as their "spirit animal," and explained that she’d helped them get through difficult moments. Thanks to the film’s cult status, Balk has become an icon for multiple generations. Her first voice role came in on the hugely popular show Family Guy.

Balk voiced the character Connie D’Amico in her first two appearances on the show, although the role was taken over by Lisa Wilhoit. Two years later, she voiced three characters in What Is Fairuza Balk It’s hard to say why her voice acting career was so short-lived — but it’s clear that the actress met with a lot of success in the short period that she did take on some voice roles.

While she continued acting, she largely stepped away from doing press events. As Balk explained to the Los Angeles Timesthis wasn’t all together an accident. Balk went on to explain that she didn’t really feel cut out for the world of Hollywood. Eventually, the pressures of the acting world began to threaten her well-being and mental health. For Balk, the obsession with her career meant that she had compromised other aspects of her life. To that end, the actress began to spend her time painting, writing, making music, and creating mixed media projects.

Apparently, he taught her silversmithing and goldsmithing. By the looks of things, the natural world is one of her greatest passions. InBalk set off on a springtime road trip across America. In February ofshe posted a closeup picture of a tulip, writing, "The inner private universe of a tulip.

The Real Reason Fairuza Balk Took A Break From Acting

Fascinating nature everywhere. Balk now has her own rescue cat named Turtle, Fairuza Balk called Toogs. InBalk released an EP with three songs, including the song "White Lillies," which she wrote as a duet with her friend Mel Sanson. Feroce reviewed the song, writing, Fairuza Balk a nutshell the track is down to earth, mellow, and every aspect of the track is beautifully defined.

It’s clear that making music is an important creative outlet for Balk.

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As she wrote on Twitter"It’s exposing your soul, Fairuza Balk true inner heart. For Fairuza Balk, deciding whether to return to the world of The Craft wasn’t easy. As she told Entertainment Weeklywhen she was initially approached about a sequel by producer Jason Blum, her response had been, "Eh, I don’t know.

Lister-Jones also spoke to Entertainment Fairuza Balkand explained why having Balk on board was so important. She is The Craft to me," she shared.

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In the film, set 20 years after the events of the first movie, Nancy is living in an insane asylum. It is revealed that Fairuza Balk is the mother of the central character. Inshe took on a recurring role in season 3 of Showtime’s Ray Donovan via Collider. At the time, Balk was thrilled to be a part of the series. Infans learned that Balk would also be appearing in the series Paradise City as Lizzie Thomas.

According to the first official trailerthe series deals with "rockstar with ties to the occult. Sounds right up Balk’s alley! In Fairuza Balk, her roles in The Craft: Legacy and Paradise City might just Fairuza Balk the beginning of a serious comeback. It sounds like Balk’s future roles will have to be worthwhile if they’re going to make the cut!

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According to Entertainment WeeklyFairuza Balk film’s director, Zoe Lister-Jones, has toyed with the idea of creating another sequel. When asked if she’d be interested, Balk was non-committal, saying she’d do it "if it would be a challenge and something fun.