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Exotic a term synonymous Exotic Women peculiar, extraneous, fascinating and kinky is the current buzz word in beauty; but, what does it really mean? What exactly do men mean when they say they are attracted to exotic girls?

My thoughts are directed to the Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima. With long, dark hair, tanned skin, full lips and bright bluish-green eyes, her striking appearance is obviously the result of race-mixing.

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She has a look that is very different from true Exotic Women perceptions of beauty. Thus, she is considered to be exotic by many—which seems to have a positive connotation. They found numerous common themes concerning methods of racial microaggressions: One example is inscription of intelligence.

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A hypothetical offense would include asking an Asian person for help with math. The set of standards that define true beauty. Much of the allure is rooted in a concentrated number of personal experiences and stereotypes.

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This is especially true in findings regarding the Asian fetisha phrase ascribed to white Exotic Women who serial date east Asian women. Korean-American Bitna Kim conducted a quantitative analysis in which she interviewed non-Asian males and their perceptions of Asian women. Interviewees felt Asian women were intelligent, educated, successful, family-oriented and attractive.

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With that in mind, the same Exotic Women be said in regard to white men and black women, that they are only interested in them because of sexual stereotypes associated with exoticness—that black women are jaded by the idea of white. Nor do we ascribe the title to a black man who likes white women.

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So, why do we only attach this particular prejudice when it applies to women other than white? LaShaun Williams Exotic Women a lifestyle and relationship advice columnist and blogger. She is also the founder Exotic Women Politically Unapologeticwhere she unabashedly discusses pop culture, life and love.

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