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He did it, but sneakily evacuated the inhabitants first. The house was inhabitted by a kindly old man and his many cute kittens and puppies. One Ozy and Millie strip has Millie give up on trying to be evil after she can’t bring herself to kill a spider. Not to mention that you can One-Hit Kill several bosses before they get off a single attack.

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‘Very evil’: Reaction to woman charged with freezing kittens to death – PAHomePage.com

‘Very evil’: Reaction to woman charged with freezing kittens to death.

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Quest for Glory II has this in the form of a test to join the Eternal Order of Fighters, by having you kill a man after defeating him in a trial by combat. Of course, whether you decide to or not, the man stands up alive and well after the fight is over. In the Might and Magic games where you have to choose between the Light and Dark paths, some Promotion Quests on the Dark Path require doing something simply to prove you’re Dark enough. In ‘The Shadow Odyssey’ expansion pack for EverQuest II, one quest to infiltrate a group of troll pirates involves getting ordered to kill an arena full of kittens.

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Kill Me Now, or Forever Stay Your Hand is an inversion (Bob gives Alice a chance to kill him, forcing her to reveal that she’s still too good a person to go through with it). The Initiation Ceremony can be a far milder version of this trope, although certain subtropes, such as the Gang Initiation Fight, may not be so mild. I write fantasy, science fiction, sometimes horror, and very rarely ordinary Earthly fiction. I write historical fiction, sappy love stories, and copious amounts of adventure.