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The third generation of accomplished performers in the Carradine line you know her grandfather, John, her uncles Keith and David, and her father, RobertEver is the latest success story in the family business. Along the way, Ever has Ever Carradine critical acclaim, as well as the admiration of her peers for the authenticity and creativity she brings to her characters. I love it so much. EC: My last play was in college. I graduated and then hit the ground running in Los Angeles.

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I started working in film and television. But it was in college I had a little bit Ever Carradine a lightbulb moment. My daughter did, too, and found it to be very helpful in her professional life, which has absolutely nothing to do with anthropology. EDGE: Getting into the business with the Carradine family name, was it easier for you or did that set the bar higher?

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EC: When I started my career I just wanted to work. I wanted Ever Carradine own experiences on film sets. Coming out of college we all take ourselves pretty seriously, so when I started I saw myself doing dramatic work. But right away I started booking comedies, and it was really confusing me. But I sort of just took the ride. I did a lot of comedies for a lot of years, and then I booked a big drama and that turned things back for me toward the dramatic. Now I feel very comfortable in both worlds.

EDGE: What advice did your family offer? EC: The advice my family—and all of their friends—have always given me is Save your money. When I was young I was, like, Yeah, whatever. Then as I got older I realized that the reason you save your money is that, in leaner times, you are still able to be in control of your choices. Save your money. So after some dark auditions, some sad auditions, I would always Ever Carradine myself of Ever Carradine.

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It was one of these special pilots that I was certain would be a go, and that we would be on the air forever and ever. But I had an incredible working relationship with Bruce and his wife, Tracy. I read it and I was floored…and was desperate to be in it. I was heartbroken. I sort of put it out of my head. It was Naomi. I went in and read. One of the things I love about that show is that everyone reads for every role, the old-fashioned way.

I am so desperate for the Naomi flashback episode, which sadly does not happen in Season Three but fingers-crossed will happen in Season Four. I would love to get a little glimpse of who she was, pre-Gilead. She is a bit of a busybody and has to get into everything. The core of Naomi is Ever Carradine bravado mixed with her raging insecurity.

And rage. I thought you were really good in that. The whole thing was a blur, honesty. I was white-knuckling my way through it because I was exhausted and terrified. You just make sure you show up on set and know your lines backwards and forwards and just hang on, because they are all so good in that cast. I know the series only lasted a year, but that must have been a Ever Carradine cast to work with.

EC: Oh, I loved that show. It was so fun to be the girl with all those guys. We had a really, really good time. I think you could tell. Craig Robinson and Billy Gardell together were genius. We would go to Vegas sometimes to shoot exteriors and I would just make sure I got to bed at a reasonable hour. The guys went out all night. That looked like fun in a different way. Matt was like, Do you guys want to make a horror movie? I think we shot the entire thing at night and it was just the best time.

EDGE: What roles do you look back on as being among your best? EC: I feel that way about Lucky, for sure. I did the first season of Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton. That was a great job. Explain that for the uninitiated. EC: You know how they say that every teenager thinks their parents are evil? The premise of Runaways is: What if you found out they actually are? I just found that to be so smart and so fun. EDGE: Have your children watched it? When my daughter is 10 or 11 she can watch Runaways.

They are such wonderful leaders. And I love the cast. There are 16 series regulars on that show. Usually when you have that many people you get one or two bad apples. I think that translates on screen. You can see that. You get a Marvel email!

And the way they welcome you to it, it feels very big and exciting. I love it. I framed my pick-up letter on that show. EDGE: Playing two different parts on two concurrent series, do you think of yourself as a character actor? EC: I guess that I do. EDGE: When you think of your family, what are some of the favorite roles they have played?

Twenty minutes in, I was completely riveted.

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I just loved Captains Courageous. Ever Carradine uncle co-starred with him as Wild Bill Cody on Deadwood. EC: He did. I think they had some regrets about that down the line. EC: He was. He was in a movie called The Cowboys. I feel my daughter is just about the right age to see that. I loved that movie as a kid, too.

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EC: I know, right? We definitely need to up our Friday family movie night game! Like this post?

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