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The Jan Brady Eve Plumb says that some days she wishes people could just forget it happened, while other days she embraces it. She tried to explain her back-and-forth relationship with the character in The Brady Bunch Exposed documentary. You know sometimes I wish people would just see me as I am and, you know, forget about that.

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The end of the show led to some dark periods in her life — a severe cocaine addiction Eve Plumb one — but she found happiness with her husband in and has been clean ever since. Though she did continue acting in television and movies.

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Christopher KnightPeter Brady, also struggled after the show ended. He eventually gave up acting and became a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. They subsequently divorced.

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I have not had to live my life being recognized as a Brady and being celebrated for Eve Plumb I did 30 years ago. The constant behind-the-scenes fighting and the upcoming contract negotiations with the young cast made the studio walk away from the show.

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Susan Olsenwho played Cindy Brady, said the fall from fame to floundering in Hollywood was difficult.